Judgement Day Part 1

So we went back to school and I was late as per normal. The previous day coach msg me about how I would feel good about my results when I get back the Bio paper. Sadly, that is not the case. I got a C. For those who got Ds all the way to Us, please hold your horses before you yell your lungs out at me and curse me under your breaths. You haven’t taken into considerations how much effot I’ve put into this paper- definitely more than you. You haven’t thought about how much expectations I face and the kind of grade I got for the common test. I am not bragging here but one has to be realistic, no? While you are whining away about your might-possibly-become-a-retainee plight, you might want to consider the fact I already repeated one fucking year. So do not tell me to shut up cos I was unhappy with my paper. I was the top student and I will trample on others yet again. Yes, arrogant and I like it. Ms Sha I know you might chance upon this entry and I really apologise for screwing up my paper. I know ultimately I am doing myself a misdeed but still I feel I owe you an apology. =/

That aside, I manage to get the same grades as Pin Yi for Econs. Although it wasn’t a clear win but I am satisfied. I did do badly for Econs during the cts and this leap of improvement is more than encouraging. (: I really hope Mrs Loh is glad because I assume she sees me as a hopeless Econs student who tries relatively hard yet has zero output. Math was really more than what I expected. C’mon I left the class 1/2 an hr earlier because I know I am going to fail anyway but it turned out I managed to do the Statistics (except Normal distribution which I don’t know wtf it’s talking about) and I scored a 40%. I really didn’t practice my math. You can check with Shuyun as I only had a crash course with her and it did help I say. Credits. (:

Tomorrow’s Chem and GP papers. I don’t see a reason to hope because it’s all fixed already. We can pray for all godwilling possible changes in some mystical/spiritual way for the better I guess. If I top chemistry paper (which I doubt so because Sam/Pinyi prolly own us all this time) then I wld have collected 3 top papers. Heck that Econs paper, I know Pinyi and I share the same marks but still!

 Meanwhile, I don not wish for any of the s08ians to retain but you guys know how weak our class is result-wise. You really won’t want to suffer in j2 because you know less than half of your j1 work. If you don’t get me, try studying for the conditional promo/topical paper. You’ll drive youself nuts this holidays.


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