Track’s Farewell BBQ

By: Dave

Oct 13 2006

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I’m still getting used to this whole putting a title for each entry thing which most of the time becomes a chore cos churning out a suitable/sensible title can be such an ass-wipe-task. Phew, that’s a mouthful. Anyway, I think the whole track bbq was quite a flop. The only reason you might want to call it successful was because there are people turning up albeit 90% j2s and we didn’t burn down the bbq pit with that fire.  Yes we have 6 j1s? The only reason I turned up was because I-can’t-find-a-good-enough-excuse-to-be-absent and I would feel guilty, afterall they’re the closest group to me since I joined like eons ago.

 There isn’t the same feeling we had last yr when everything was planned by he year 1s- at least most of them. The gifts were made together and that brought us together. All that sourcing with Crystal and Prata last yr and then staying up late in sch till the lady chased us all out and threatened to lock us in. Even the library was closed before we finished our painting/drying. Those were the days. (: Now? snorts.

Went back with Nigel and I guess I have to be worried for his math. I’m the best person to speak to when you feel depressed because of math. :p Had a quick chat with Fabian on the bus talking about how my mum thinks track occupies like 50% of my life and my plans for next year. Surprisingly though expected, his answer was to not put in that much of hopes for track as you can see this team is way broken. We’re beyond any hope unless all track elites decided to come here instead of RJ which would only happen when I score A for math. I needed his assurance for I promised once to lead next year’s relay team. I guess that won’t happen, now that Nationals is no longer in my mind.

 I tihnk this entry is gg nowhere cos Shuyun just ended her conver w/ me and she talks forever I tell you. Heh. Shall end here and cook my maggie mee. ((:

p.s. I still love track- I’m not saying the people given that the yr2s are gone and the team becomes barren.


2 comments on “Track’s Farewell BBQ”

  1. I rem those times!!! n those were rly the days. i miss em sooo much. unfortunately, things were veri much different tis year at our farewell.

    i’ve got no comments man. no comments until i couldnt even tink of anything to blog about.

    it’s so sad we year 2s didnt take de opportunity to gather n have a gd time. instead, everyone chose their own clique. *sighhs.

    Love track stil!`

  2. hey! you’re the first to comment anything here. hahahas.. Yea really miss those timees. And I rmbr I fell on my butt when I was passing the teeny weeny tees to prata to ahng them on some string. We even bought templates and paint. But the banner we painted this yr is still the best. (: Oh well, 05/06 track rocks. And you’ve been a smashing captain and friend really. ((:

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