Yesterday was unhappening in school. There were hardly anyone during the MT break so it was left with me and Elvis. Thank God weimin came and yackity-yacked with me while she glued herself to wx’s ipod. So we heard about Xavier’s As for Bio and chem and yes mjc’s retainee standards are a little high eh? I think track won’t have as many repeat students as before because we don’t have much people to begin with and it may so unfortunately bounce back to the sea sports- sorry for passing you guys the baton of retainees. That’s just an assumption from the history of the sea sports, you can check with the seniors if you think I’m just churning nonsense.

It was such a drag today I don’t even know why I left my hse after I was late. Speaking of which, I would have to be early frm Monday all thanks to my dumb promise to Ms Liew- I would be early everyday after the promos ended. grrrreat. During Math Ivan told me abt Mrs Goh’s leave and St. Nick’s principal taking over tpjc. It was a relief cos for the past 5 yrs I think tpj’s standard has been dropping like fsck. The only image we have, I guess is the massive throngs of people strolling in after flag raising. It isn’t like the sch’s situated in some neverland or kuku ulu island where nobody sees us. Sadly, we’re still so unknown that even students know srjc but haven’t heard of us. Some publicity we have huh?

Ok, so I’m going down to get the Numerology thing with Elvis and ppl. I’m not fascinated but just out of curiosity. I hope it doesn’t waste my time by getting me bored.

Something funny I found. I think I’m really slow at this cos it took me awhile to get the whole picture.


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