Fuck haze/days to look forward

By: Dave

Oct 15 2006

Category: Uncategorized


It happened that the haze was so terrible I didn’t meet up with the rest to go dwn fr the numerology that Elvis wanted to check out. Elvis, fyi, I was fascinated but not anxious to check that out. Sorry to disappoint and play you guys out yea? You’ve got thank my mum as she was whining about the haze while I was swearing at how their corrupt government allow such health-devastating fires pollute our damn clean&green environment. It’s funny how the citizens over there endure such nonsense, which explains the number of students frm there here in singapore despite how retarded our education system is.

I’m proud to announce this weekend was spent sleeping at home. Yes, that was sarcasm. Again, thanks to the haze. Fortunately the promos are over which means I can slack my dingdings till Dec holidays before I pick up those annoying books again. I realised my promos are pretty screwed in comparison across the level. But it’s over and that’s abt all I’m gg to bother. The promo exercise wld start soon (that’s where they decide whether you promote or retain fyi) and it happens on Thursday which means thank-god-it’s-a-holiday-for-us. Jn, Shuyun, me and wx has decided tentatively to visit places where the artworks are exhibited in the event of the SG Biennale which means snapshot time. Then we realised there wld also be the Hari Raya and Deepavali hols coming up. If the damn haze has cleared by then, we’ll be finally able to go skin-frying to a hot bronze bod. Till then we’ll be the gross pale lifeless skin ppl dragging ourselves to sch even though the damn exams are over. Shall pray fr time to fly to Thursday then. (:


2 comments on “Fuck haze/days to look forward”

  1. dave, alvin said u are too thin. i think you need to eat more. (:

  2. Hey. I’ve been eating quite a lot. He meant I became thinner? I don’t know where all the food went. ): I wish I have a hotter bod where all the food just becomes muscles. :p

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