9 more days.

There are still 9 more days before sch closes for good. NINE!? Damn it, I can hardly survive this. OR we can laugh to ourselves at the number of holidays squeezed in between these 9 days. (: Firstly tmr ends at 11.30 due to farewell. Although there’s training in the afternoon but that’s not the point as there will be no lessons. ((: Then Thursday’s the promo ex. followed by Tuesday where we have the Hari Raya Puasa holiday. Say you love our multi-racial culture.

Anyway the holidays are not going to be spent at home- at least we planned something.

  • Thursday- Exploring the Singapore Biennale
  • Tuesday- TANNING. ((:
  • Friday- no plans but I want a movie marathon.

And I need to watch Prison Break, wait- I need to transfrom into a potato couch by night and train like a crazy athelete in the afternoon while still attending lessons in the morning during the days before hols. Talk abt post-promos’ thrill with annoying busy schedules eh.


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