Passed math. (:

Checked the results in the morning as a class and I passed Math. (: I hereby thank Mr Koh for the wonderful math lessons and tolerating my slacktoad attitude in class. Very annoyingly, like how the rest and sane students of the world would feel too, I am 1 mark away from the next grade fr both bio and chem. I heard our class has the longest list of names undergoing promotional exercise and we only have 8 ppl with clear promo status. I guess thas must be a great depression for all our teachers esp Ms Sha. ):

My whole body’s aching right now. With only half an hour of badminton, my shoulders feel very sore now. This isn’t a good sign. I need to train again. I know this isn’t a very coherent statement but I was reflecting the fact that I am now promoted which means I’m now eligible for the EAGLES award and my plans doesn’t justify this achievement. Partly due to guilt, I’m unwilling and reluctant to go with plans. The other reason- I’m not going to allow my bones and muscles to become stiff. (: I still want to explode with force and enthusiasm packed with adrenaline and crazy training schedules that force me to wake up in early mornings to run/sprint and compete with a team. It is too apparent that everything is going fine except a crippled team. My sacrifice would only go down to the drain as years after I reflect upon swearing under my breath how these people screwed up all my efforts. I do not want this. I think we’re doomed. High time people reflect what shaped the image and what destroyed the entire structure and running of this team, no? Back to my achings, my finger’s quite konked out now thanks to being an ammateur badminton player and being whacked in the fingers while playing half court. In any case the casualties would be lesser than those of tennis which I won’t elaborate how a tennis ball neatly missed my face.

The only reason we’re going to school now is because the school needs time to finalise our papers/results to ensure no mishaps and even more time to write the comments and the P to sign our result slips plus the promotional exercise together with teachers’ comments on conduct. Thank goodness it’s not lasting more than 2 weeks. I need my holidays.


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