8km vs movie marathon

By: Dave

Oct 21 2006

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Ok it’s been a while. I’ve became very lazy after the promos and I am really happy to be this way- for now. ((: Slack like no tmr and play like it’s the last party. A part of me looks forward to the holidays while the other knows when it arrives, it means countdown to the start of my mugging days which I try to set at the start of Dec if not then the end of Nov. Anyway there’s the retarded topical tests to study for so all of us have no choice too. ): OH HECK IT.

We didn’t explore SG Biennale thanks to many many people with many many events on that day. I slept my whole holiday away I dare not believe I wasted such a good day to get out of the house. But anyway the haze is still a killer and PSI is really rubbish right now. Speaking of PSI, we ran 8km frm school to Changi Beach. OMFGWTF. My butt was already aching and now the thighs just joined the club. Not to mention I am wayyyyy behind Choyee. Thanks, that was such great encouragement for a start huh. We ran in this thick fog and when we were passing those damn factories, I was breathing in all that shit. I love running long distances without pressure from giant-lung-girls running ahead of me because after the whole run, while you sip on that 100plus or sprite, you fell accomplished- a sense of achievement that would satisfy you over all that aching about to haunt you the next morning. And so we’re doing the same thing next Wednesday. Good luck legs.

We’re going or rather there was a plan to go to Jn’s place for a short movie marathon- call it movie jog cos it’s really short. I have yet to watch drumline the last time we watched at wx’s place. I know I am promoted because Ms Liu had to msg us the list of people who has to see Mrs Goh because they didn’t make it through the Promo Ex. last Thursday. Dinie made it although it was kinda expected but I have no idea what the teachers were thinking when they didn’t promote Pinyi. Anyway wx, if you come across this, pls don’t kill me. I don’t have to comfort you cos you prolly find it crap. :p The last thing you want me to tell you is ‘don’t worry’, yea? Condi isn’t exactly bad, it just forces you to put in a little more effort for your own sake.

Ok I think this entry is long enough to look like one. I need sleeeeeeeeeeeep. ((:


3 comments on “8km vs movie marathon”

  1. hur. i went to one of the sites for the biennale today.

    ps. i’m meeting my friend for lunch tomorrow and he’s agreed to go eat something cheeessssyy. =))))

  2. FINEEE! So when are we going huh? We are still going yea? I heard there are some sites which are not free. They’ll be free on Hari Raya. Let’s go on that day larr. Let’s pangseh Su! HAHAHAS!
    DAMN DAMN DAMN. I am cheese/choc-deprived for the past few days. arrrrgh.

  3. it’s the 3 main sites, city hall, tanglin camp and singapore art museum. it’s free every friday but even if paying, it’s only 5 bucks for everything la. oh yea. i wanna buy stuff there. hur.

    ps. got chocolate tomorrow la. happy monday !

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