That Happy Monday/SG Biennale

So Happy Monday wasn’t too happy because it is boring and cake went not-so-appreciated. So what if I’m not the one who bought the cake? It’s Awfully Chocolate and people showed nil sign of appreciation. The other plus point for our not-so-happy-monday was due to the deadset boring day killing every thought to burst into excitement over the most retarded things. Nevertheless, the cake cutting took forever and Yat simply sucks at cutting. :p I’m lazy to type so I’ll let the photos do the talking. (too lazy to resize proper so click on them for full view- I think that’s how it works)


 The cake- fresh from the box.


Cake and ONE candle. It’s a mystrey unsolved to why there’s only one candle.


Shuyun cuts cake act 1.


Anticipation- or you call it impatience.


So now Pak wants to help with the cake and Hem starts to worry the cake’s safety.


Finally, Yat cuts the cake instead…


And this is what happens when yat cuts the cake.

sg biennale

SGbiennale exhibit sign- which turned out that most sites are closed because it’s a holiday. fsck.


The church itself.

Emerging Angel

Emerging Angel- one of the exhibits.

Angel statue

The original statue somewhere in the site.


The SB2006 theme- Belief

I couldn’t take some pictures in the National Museum because some are media art while the rest are restricted from shoots or simply too dark or plain. Maybe it’s just me because half the time I try to find some art meaning to what I see and I fail all the time. :p We’re going again this Friday and hopefully we can get Amantha and co. to come cos that would make things fresh and prolly they provide smth insightful for me. (:


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