The Verdict

I wasn’t present when Ms Liu announced the promo status. It was in a way, a relief to me as I won’t have to face the people condemmed by this terrible fate. 7 people didn’t make it and that’s 1/3 of the class. Although we were never one bonded class together but seperation be it just classmates or soulmates, we’ll still suffer the pain of seperation and departure, be it from the class or the school. My 2cents worth would be to face whatever coming along with this news, be it your parents, pride, status, ego relatives and friends etc etc. I’ve put down all that filthy pride once and facing the entire new challenge was not easy but when the time comes and your effort pull off, you’ll be glad that you didn’t have to struggle your way in j2 b’cos it’s going to be helluva-killer-rollercoaster ride. Then, you’ll laugh to yourself, that all these was for a better cause and you actually escaped from a possible impending torment heading this way. So embrace yourselves with new opportunities although this is cliched and is bullshit as most people claims but brooding over this can’t be forever yea?

Remember when we first knew Ms Sha? If you have that paper, laminate it or something because it may be your sole source of motivation in your future woes. So don’t give up. (:


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