Announcement: 06S08

Hey people!
We’re having an outing for the class. ((: Finally eh?

WHERE: Sentosa
WHEN: Tuesday, 31st October (which means the following one)
WHO: Everybody
TIME: 9.30am @ Habour Front MRT (tentative)

– We’ll prolly be going to the Siloso beach cos there’s lesser ppl according to I-can’t-rmbr-who.
– We’ll be TANNING and PIGGING OUT there which means potluck.
– I don’t know abt games so someone feed ideas here k?
– So bring your tanning oil cos I wld be bitchy and not share on that day! Hahahas! just kidding la. Anyway, bring ur whatever-briefs or boards shorts or running shorts or bikinis or push-up bras or triumph collector’s series or even bare naked for all we care and we’ll just go crazy on that day yea? (:

p.s. Pls don’t kill me bcos some of you may not be in the mood for this but I hope it’s a chance for us to shake all that school thing off our heads. And don’t worry it’s a day after the OP DRY RUN. Not clashing any school activities if I’m not wrong. ((:

So we’re on?


Oh yea, someone mentioned to me about this NTU lecturer’s recieved feedback comments. A pity I won’t be taking Electrical Engineering but damn I hate physics so who cares!

Click here.


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