Report slip to vivo

I don’t even know why i turned up for school. The only lesson that people went to was Chem and Bio lecture was cancelled cos there’s nth left that the teachers have for us before we break for the hols. Ms Huang was damn nice to keep us alive with small talk instead of trying to acidify our heads. Heh. Got back the final result slip. Our Bio grades are pushed up. ((: Afterwhich I found out from weimin that they moderated +6m which means I am 1 fecking mark away from the bloody A. So till now I’ve never gotten an A on my report slip before. snorts.

Went down to Vivo City- yes, how futuristic a name but the name matches what it boasts to be. I shall not be another twit who gets so excited screaming not literally, on the blog about how it’s the first time and yadda yadda. Besides I suck at describing places. And like anyone would have expected, it was packed with students from all over this island with much thanks to a common holiday we share tmr. We didn’t have time for the whole place cos Su and shuyun takes 12348798785415 earth evolutions to shop and most of the shops there are catered for their sex plus we spent some time @ toys-r-us to compensate our very deprived childhood.

I think we’re going dwn to some place caled chompchomp tmr for dinner which I hope there’s some green friends for me to munch and then supper at ice cube. Ice cream is love. (: Although right now, I would do with a pound of cheese as supper.


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