Sentosa and the burns

By: Dave

Nov 01 2006

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We’ve finally went down to Sentosa and most of us got our beautiful sunburns esp Hem and me. I’m not sure about the rest but Alvin does look like a lobster when we left that sunny island. I’m glad we went in the morning because it stared pouring the moment we left. There were noisy little devils on the bus and if we weren’t tired or burnt, we would have wrestled them quiet or take on the bitch-you challenge where we take decibels to a higher level. Hur.

And now I’ve learnt a precious lesson about my shoulders and face that were burnt beyond reognition. I shall bring along a printed manual of suntanning intstructions/precautions plus stopwatches and towels for THE perfect tan. Before we decide on which day we’ll go tanning again (definitely after your OP and MT As), I’ll have to concentrate on healing the skin.

Uploaded the photos from yesterday because the class dudes are crazy over themselves after entering the fitting rooms over at the stores in Vivo City. I don’t have to explain why I found my cam’s lenses dirty despite keeping it safe back at the beach; must be Ivan. tsktsk.

A levels will start in less than 24 hours in which I would have been dying from the pressure if not for the fact I chose to repeat. Please don’t be envious of me because I just delayed the impending pain and pressure which would still come after me although a more subtle one. Guys, please do your best so I can be there to congratulate you come next year March instead of offering you tissue paper. All the best for the last lap, it is no longer time to worry about how much you know but how you’re going to churn out intellecual scribblings to offer those pathetic markers. Take care of your health over this 2+ weeks and we’ll meet after your As k? My burns should be long gone by then. Heh. (:


3 comments on “Sentosa and the burns”

  1. all the best for u A lvls!!

    u can do it!

  2. Hey! I think you misread and forgot that I repeated one year. I’m not taking As this year, I was only wishing my ex-classmates and schoolmates well-wishes. ((: You work hard too yea?

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