By: Dave

Nov 06 2006

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I totally forgot Shuyun’s going to or rather already went to the SGbiennale today. I wanted to check out the rock that lights up the night sky and the raining tree. Oh and by the way, sales are going at 40% at that tent, where is it again… I think it’s near the Singapore Arts Musuem. They have the tee and slippers I want! (: But I don’t have the $ I need. ): Anyway, I finally drew up a resume for myself for easy job application from here-on. And so I sent in the applications to some bank some other co. I can’t remember. The agent that I contacted has not returned any calls so I decided to swing him out of the way and wait. Waiting is boring but thank god I have track trainings to attend. ((:

Unfortunately, renkai has to get his 07 books tmr. I was smiling ear-to-ear when I heard he got into the top class but it suddenly dawned on me that he’ll be loading me with questions/homework/queries etc. And tmr I’m turning into a book-nanny and helping out with his truckload of books-to-be-bought. When I was 14 I went down myself to get mine; then again, prcs is like behind the house. Once I’m rid of this duty, I’ll be able to return to running and sculpt some muscles. (: The photo of the heels doesn’t haunt me, it’s the comments coming with it that frightened me. So eggs and cheese and cakes and milk would join the dining table here upon. Reminder: Tanned, toned hot bod + 6-crazy-pack abs. Hem’s already enquiring on our next tan/beach-trip when our skins are still peeling. We’ll all bring print articles of research on tanning the next time and get bronze bods yea?


   img_0972.JPG   img_0977.JPG   img_0979.JPG   img_0982.JPG   img_0986.JPG   img_0987.JPG   img_0988.JPG

img_0990.JPG   img_0993.JPG   img_0994.JPG   img_0996.JPG   img_1000.JPG   img_1022.JPG

img_1028.JPG   img_1031.JPG   img_1033.JPG   img_1035.JPG   img_1036.JPG   img_1041.JPG   img_1048.JPG

img_1049.JPG   img_1054.JPG

Kenny’s 18th. (:

img_1140.JPG   img_1143.JPG

Renkai’s 14th. (:

Sorry for the super mini cake. :p


3 comments on “Biennale/job/training.”

  1. Hey. We’ll be going again this weekend.

  2. Serious?! yay! How come you sound so unlively? So we have all decided to heck the peeling? My back’s still peeling, I just happen to know when people told me. tsktsk. ):


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