Interview- or so as to say.

By: Dave

Nov 07 2006

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I went down to Rafffles Place for this interview at a department under Stan-Chart Bank. I don’t think it is related to the bank and is only having a place in the building. Anyway, the interview was for a temp position as a bank assistant but apparently, they require the employees to have at least 1 yr of experience in which I have none. Thanks. They didn’t even specify that on the ad. Thanks again. Thus the agent or whatever you address her as, has to call me back. She did- twice after I left the building. I guess it’s near end of office hours so she couldn’t contact that computer co. which I was supposedly to be introduced. It’s like playing matchmaker and the other half is MIA. snorts.

Anyway who says curvaceous people can’t dance like a diva? Donyelle and Benji showcased a pretty good chacha tonight on So you think you can dance. It was so smooth it slips down your ass crack; I’m talking about the moves. (: If you can find it online somewhere, it’s your luck. She did it right smack in your face- it’s not about the slender build or enormous boobs. Heh. You don’t have to be a dancer to know that.

p.s. I think I’m a couch potato that refuses to gain some muscle mass. ):


One comment on “Interview- or so as to say.”

  1. hey.. i didnt know you watch SYTYCD.. hahas… i watched it to and indeed it was spectcular.. yupp :p see ya soon k.. take care… sure u can find better jobs

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