Becoming a star

By: Dave

Nov 09 2006

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I think local idol/star search programmes are a failure. They more often than not create a whole scene of comcial characters attracting more wannabes than undiscovered talents. Either that or Singapore’s population does not match standards of our counterparts in Asia and European nations. OR we can just blame our panel of professionals which after all their suggestions (read: insults/criticisms you pick one) merely created a local favourite that has looks, some voice, some bod and some fame. It isn’t worth all time and resources to search for the star because when another reality idol-search begins, it would be yet another Taufik. The artistes that made it big like Stephanie and JJ weren’t from these pathetic reality series mind you. Every contestant just go through some voice/look/fashion test and if you’re through to the last few, you waste a nation of naive teens/tai-tai’s money buy dialing some 1900-numbers. The emerging champion from that season would be crowned and have his/her name all over. Then it will be all over. Oh wait, then you become part of some mediacorp production. Welcome to the mediacorp family. 

p.s. The writer was insane when he was typing this.



You should watch Step Up, not because it’s a good movie but rather the dancing is simply not your chao-ah-beng friend’s moves where he nods his fucking head and shake some tits or ass.  It may be cliched like some say because of the very very boring plot like any other dancing movies: a romance between two opposites; One rich, one poor; A parent who neglects her talented kid; A great finale with contracts being signed afterwards; A romantic spot where one of the leads has been hanging out at times since childhood; and so on and on. Don’t dwell too much into complexity of this movie and you’ll have a great time watching the bodies move to the groove. I know that is cliched but Jenny Dewan and Channing Tatum are amazingly hot. They will prolly push your steam button.

p.s. wx, I have the soundtrack! Beg me yea!? :p


2 comments on “Becoming a star”

  1. Hey! I voted for opera 3. I really should vote only after I’ve seen the rest but I was too lazy so there goes! Btw, I think you could have written something for description to capture the viewer’s attention. (:

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