Awesome stress

By: Dave

Nov 13 2006

Category: Uncategorized


I love hectic days. Not schooldays but holidays. They make me feel so purposeful although I didn’t do much. I know I only had today to be proud of but still! Anyway sy is a biatch. Hello!? You told me you would go for training because you got better from flu or something. So I ran with Cho Yee, Giddeon and coach. Let’s not talk about position. I hereby announce the glorious 5km I completed today. (It has to be more than 5, it felt like forever) Let’s not talk about whether I ran or walk. :p

I had to sit at the bus stop outside school for nearly 99 seasons before wx showed up with her little devil. Thank god I still made it in time for the assignment (read: job @ some foreign bank) I was given today. It’s a one-time-off thing. You have no idea how weird I felt, clad in office wear and all. I’m just filling in the place of the messenger/dispatch or whatever patch you call it. That aside, it’s really slack because I only shook my legs and delievered bulk deposit/letter to the building across the street- which I can’t find and ended up asking this nice flyer-distributor person who searched his bag for a street directory book and told me where it is. The slack pace isn’t even worth mentioning, what is would be the cheese cake they offered. I don’t know the name/flavour because it’s food and bascially you just pop it into your gap there and enjoy some heavenly pastries. :p I think it’s mocha though. Wait, I don’t even bother. Hur.

There are pleasant people there too. (: And the clerk is like a sexpot steaming you up. The in-charge that guided me throughout must be aunt-patient-office-lady because I took many sunrises to deliver one item. She was still willing to clock me extra time. Anyway I realised one-time-off assignments has it’s pros like no work politics and everyone gets the best impression of you because before any of your ugly traits show, you’re at your next job. (:

Right now I’m suffering from post-cramps because I didn’t stretch anything for training and I stood for so long on the mrt. Thanks fellow commuters because the next time I am going to push away all the aunties that get in my way to my seat even if it means I have to throw my slipper. (((:

p.s. I’ve got the caroling schedule of the sessions. I can’t believe I am going to sing again.


2 comments on “Awesome stress”

  1. You got urself a work. cool. what’s the pay?

  2. I think it’s 6/hr? But I manage to get more than that. HAHAHAS. It’s only 1-day though. (:

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