Browse Happy

By: Dave

Nov 15 2006

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After some consideration and tons of research, I finally made the switch from Internet Explorer to Opera. IE can kiss my ass while I welcome Opera with open arms. :p (Even though as I type now I cross my fingers no more screw-ups come knocking at my door) We should be aware of the rave going on about IE’s security threats due to its popularity or rather its primary status in all computers running windows OS. So why Opera when there are other browsers like now-widely-known Mozilla Firefox and till-now-still-unknown Flock and Swift?

The reason is here. It’s crystal clear so read yourself.
Although I had to sacrifice my WYSIWYG editor for the wordpress entries I’m typing from now on, I’m sure the Opera team would fix this asap. (:

And so I came across articles that went on and on about how both Firefox and Opera are better than IE in more than a million ways like tabbed browsing, enhancements and add-ons etc. The fact is that the standing of these 3 browsers are inconsistent thus each of them take turns to lead in terms of performance and stability. But I was caught by the widgets offered by the new Opera 9 and they have things like thumbnail preview, site preferences and mouse gestures. OMFG. You should check out their mouse gestures, it fels as though I was waving a wand and everything was in control but it tok some time to get used to it and I am still learning. (:

You know I have nothing against Firefox but given it’s popularity, it is only sooner than Opera that it becomes an attractive target for malicious infections. Oh well you should check out this site that drew my attention once again to browser vulnerability.
Don’t wait for attacks. Check here.


Right after I installed Opera I found out IE has launched its counter-attack quite some time back and I didn’t notice. How silly but at the same time a blessing or Opera would never have made it here. I must say IE7 is really hot on the opponents’ heels. I guess I would still have to rely on IE when certain sites don’t run well on Opera. ): As rivals work their way towards better offers and features, they somewhat became very uniform as each release includes more adaptations incorporating their opponent’s ideas. Very interesting considering that I’m not a techie myself.


3 comments on “Browse Happy”

  1. Lol.. Isn’t it the same as Firefox? Haha.. Anyway Mozilla Firefox ver2 is not bad ^^

  2. Tried opera some time ago. Have it on my mac too. Didnt really like it. But then, that was last year.

    Ps. Explorer is lousy la. The new one is like a firefox rip off. Guess that’s all _______ knows. Copying ideas from others. Zzz.

  3. To Hui Ning:
    Heyylo! Mozilla Firefox v2 isn’t bad but Opera 9 is like way better. If you have read reports, Opera is the only browser that managed to patch ALL their security issues.
    As quoted, “In a recent study, security analysis and software company Secunia found that Firefox had 3 unpatched security risks out of 25 discovered problems, compared with 20 unpatched risks for IE out of 86 found. Opera had them both beat, with no unpatched holes out of 8 detected.”

    To yun:
    Opera is pretty stable except some sites do not support it. VERY ANNOYING. Like which required me to ‘edit site preferences’ to access it. But then it’s just an easy step and I doubt Firefox has this function but they are open source yea. Another thing I dislike about Firefox is its rawness when you install it. You have to get all its add-ons on your own unlike Opera which gives you everything that you would need. I read about how FF is like an engine whereas Opera’s the entire car. Anything you want that is above minimum would come from widgets which prolly use lesser CPU memory than add-ons in FF.
    Explorer is stuck with its large market share so would remain as a target for virus/spyware/trojans etc. It’s quite a rip-off but can’t really blame it because it’s merely copying FF during it’s younger days when it copied Opera. :p

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