Screaming Hamstrings

By: Dave

Nov 19 2006

Category: Uncategorized


I cannot stand. ):

I guess it was too long a break from sprints and my non-existent muscles are now killing me. Although there’s hardly any and they’re prolly very small now but they’re behaving like chilli padi. The poor legs are suffering. Come to think of it, this means I have successfully turned myself into a couch potato over the few weeks but there’s zero input on mass – that means more eggs, cheese, pasta, yogurt and any-other-protein-junk. ((: Wave hello to 6-meals-a-day.

Strangely, I miss my blister. It has this top layer of skin which contains what they say the lymph and some liquid – I can’t remember what the hell it is but I think it’s plasma – and it is damn soft like a miniature water balloon growing on me. But alas! It has recovered and left me. Now I must touch something else that would make me sleep when I’m in bed.

…my legs are still screaming.

And I realised something, I am such a lazy ass I shall not buy deepheat/salonpas gel that is in the rub-on form. Sprays are so much more convenient although they are way fucking expensive and they tell you to spray like 30cm away from targeted area so that most of them are lost and you’ll buy a new one soon. I’m sure it is so! After I get one, I’ll keep it away from any Genever-alike track members who use deep heat like it’s some kind of moisturiser, applying again, again, again, again and again. Heh.

Anyway, the As are on their very end with the chem, physics/Higher MT combi people being freed from this hellhole. Jaja, before meeting up for a mild bitching session has disappeared to HK for The Amazing dimsum-race. Pillai, on the other hand only needs a mirror to bitch to I believe. :p

My legs are screeching already, I need to go massage them.


2 comments on “Screaming Hamstrings”

  1. hey.. hope u can come on sat k…must confirm with me asap alright.. well… dont stress up and take care fo your legs.. yupp. yr precious right…

  2. hey remember to come sat k.. hope u can come gather gather… take care of that legs k… yr precious… if not how to run…

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