Day 3

Okay, so it’s day 3 of leg torment. I am still not freed from this pain but at least I can walk now – that is, not like a chicken with legs bent and all. (:

I finally met up with Pillai thus proving he doesn’t bitch to the mirror. Heh. Something was wrong with him; he doesn’t look as though he finished his As. I always thought it’s like THE paper much greater than any other papers in this world and it is the worst exam to sit for because your career, family, lifestyle, colleagues, salary etc will be decided through this series of papers that stretch across half a month unlike other institutions where you take many papers providing many opportunities in case of pitfalls somewhere along the way. I thought he should at the very least go crazy. I would turn the world upside down, dance and cartwheel down the streets after mine. As the bigs As move over and the people find new meaning to life other than books, I realise I’m turning crazy at the sight of them on estacy. Envy I know. ))):

Anyway I was so inspired by Su that I went down to PRCL to pick up something to read. You think – I just happened to be waiting for Shuyun’s friend for the caroling forms and had no choice but to walk aimlessly in whitesands despite the whole makeover they had. The book has this quirky title: Love and other near-death experiences. I am not a big fan of romance novels because I think they are crap for me now or you can say I am not mature nor ready for this kind of shit aside from this which happens to be a romantic comedy. (:

I ran into Gloria and Leying at the interchange and I think prcs really destroyed what we call friendship and class-bond. 3/8 could have left us better memories. Right now, we’re like acquintances with hardly anything to update/whine about other than say the weather. I guess it’s already fortunate we still acknowledge each other for that one year together. Now I miss Mrs Lim and how we harassed her. Awww.

I decided to get my lazy butt down to Funan IT mall to check out the DVD burners tomorrow. I’ve had enough of Sim Lim because they only have unprofessional Ah Bengs reluctant to give you their best discount until you already walked out of their shabby stall. Their service sucks too. Most of the time they don’t know the details of the digital product they’re selling. So I heard about Funan matching their prices and so I’m going to cruise my way there. I’m more than overjoyed I can walk without pain now. (:

P.s. I want to skip training on Wednesday because I have yet to recover fully but Friday’s the Stan-Chart marathon package collection day and I guess there won’t be training. I think going down for a slow run won’t kill but what would, would be the coach. T.T


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