By: Dave

Nov 21 2006

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There were so many gadgets at Funan. I’m starting to think how retarded I was to leave the house so late to have only enough time for one shop. O-N-E. I drifted through the 1st and 2nd levels though. There is Pastamania there so when there’s a craving during my next trip – which would definitely be Thursday or Friday – I can drop by to chomp my way through some affordable pasta. Speaking of which, I am suppose to find recipes of pasta on the net because I want to whip up something since the house’s little (read: giant) imp claims that I’ve not touched the stove since my secondary 2 days – so that serves as a perfect excuse if I happen to blow everything up in smoke yea?

I saw many quirky things and I call them so because I had yet to see them. I’m prolly the last one to realise they exist. HOHO. There were things like pen-shaped optical mouse which doesn’t even look like a mouse by the way and fingerprint security for your mouse. I want to get the Canon Selphy! I have so many photos to print and paste all over like my table, inside the school locker, in the new planner which I haven’t buy and slot inside my file. I’ve thought about it and I think photos should be everywhere for me. I know it sounds a tad bimbotic but it’s less loser than printing/cutting some stupid idol and having them pasted all over OR having neoprint on places like the calculator which I think is for secondary school kids. Some of them should grow out from that stage srsly.

I found this DVD burner very much worth the money. Although I really wanted those with lightscribe ability but the salesperson recommended those without because they don’t live long after frequent use. I’m really lucky those internal ones are cheaper because that would save me space, time and effort toc lean up dust that would meet up on the top surface. Lazy David would not bother and the burner’s life span would then be shortened. Thank God DVD burners are so much cheaper nowadays my photos can finally be stored and moved out of the computer – so would the songs and videos – which means Charmed Season 2/Grey’s Anatomy here I come! WX, I’ll try to find One tree hill ok but please take a number and join the queue :p

I saw something funny.

Fyi, wearing socks does not protect your kids’ croc from getting into the escalator. Or maybe parents today still have a terrible sense of fashion. Shoes this ugly would destroy your kids’ childhood and you embarass him with pure ugly white socks. Now this is seriously funny!


Then there’s something rather retarded but good enough to laugh at.

It’s a BIG ad – trust me. :p


One comment on “Funan-drift.”

  1. LOL.. the crocs+socks=retarded. These parents are really CMI. Haha

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