Racepack collection/CH’s bday. (:

After so long, it’s finally another year and once again the annual Stan-chart Marathon is here. (I sound as though I’ve been participating the past years’ ones when it’s my first last year. But that’s not the point.) I apologise to Ivan and Yat for postponing the collection by one day and being late for almost an hour but there’s always raffles city and citylink mall or whatever that row of shops is called. Pak is 23.999/7 MIA so please don’t blame me if you realised that you forgot your collection. Speaking of which reminds me of how Shuyun (violently) damaged the poor stanchart bag. It’s just hilarious that tiny metal came apart when it was only less than 30 miuntes that she collected hers. Oh, the racepack is no longer kept in a shoebag which spells fugly but some sling/carrier – however you would like to morph it – which doesn’t have major design flaws nor colours that stir up a disaster. Jersey’s wayyyyy nicer now although I got this gigantic one which would prolly be blown away from me while I’m runnig in it. I guess size S made me fear puny jerseys – I mean, I’m not exactly beefed and buffed yer know.

Surprised Hem at the Turkish restaurant. ((: I’m glad we didn’t eat there and thanks to her advice we didn’t need to go through the gruelling pain of spending on what is less than worthy. I realised I’m actually very nice; you can tell by looking at how sy walks off the waiter. :p Anyway, Hem, don’t worry about the tanning because we’re all desperate beach/sun-loving arses who can’t wait to roll into the sand and get kissed by the sun. Okay, maybe not all wants to be tanned but still! Let’s have one in Dec near Christmas? And we can trot proudly down Orchard or into parties with that hot bronze body. That rings a bell – or rather – blows a whistle/fires a gunshot to train before I turn into a lump of fats which is seriously already quite non-existent. Talk about muscle mass. )):

Cheng Hsuan’s birthday celebration was really fine. I like the concept of keeping it simple rather than trying to make it a blast which turns boring and sometimes disappointing if plans don’t go the way you organised it to be. The camera whores were quite a handful and we took some 90 photos made up of nothing more than crazy, random and posed shots. I am now sure I’ve developed a passion for photography. (: I must set up a DA account soon. It can serve as a picture storage site anyway. I haven’t been looking around the web for digital photo storage sites or you call them uploading sites so if you know any, do recommend? ((: Although I’ve seen Flickr, shutterfly and photobucket but I need the best and am lazy to go thorugh the turmoil of checking them out personally, individually so please?

To Cheng Hsuan, I am thankful you liked the DVD becasue I just purchased the burner and only completed the installation – after a million obstacles – at 5 in the morning. So to me, your appreciation is somewhat an achievement to me. Both installtion and getting at least an entire season albeit only one, before your birthday arrives. By the way, keep your future birthdays this way yea? I think keeping it ‘free and easy ‘ allows us that time to fill up spaces we have while entertaining ourselves. Save all your trouble eh? It is your birthday after all so don’t wipe yourself out with the busy planning. Bottom line: It was an awesome time and to the rest, I’m sure we’ve enjoyed the craziness from one day-evening. We’ll catch up again? ((:


And so here we go.

[Click on thumbnail for actual size but I’ve resized the images once so they’re not detailed like the originals from the cam]

   img_1258.JPG   img_1260.JPG   img_1263.JPG   img_1264.JPG   img_1265.JPG   img_1266.JPG   img_1267.JPG   img_1268.JPG   img_1269.JPG   img_1270.JPG   img_1273.JPG   img_1271.JPG   img_1276.JPG   img_1280.JPG   img_1281.JPG   img_1282.JPG   img_1283.JPG   img_1284.JPG   img_1285.JPG   img_1286.JPG   img_1288.JPG   img_1292.JPG   img_1294.JPG   img_1295.JPG   img_1296.JPG   img_1297.JPG   img_1298.JPG   img_1299.JPG   img_1300.JPG   img_1301.JPG   img_1302.JPG   img_1304.JPG   img_1305.JPG   img_1306.JPG   img_1307.JPG   img_1311.JPG   img_1313.JPG   img_1314.JPG   img_1315.JPG   img_1317.JPG   img_1316.JPG   img_1318.JPG   img_1323.JPG   img_1339.JPG   img_1341.JPG   img_1340.JPG   img_1342.JPG   img_1343.JPG   img_1345.JPG   img_1346.JPG   img_1347.JPG   img_1348.JPG   img_1349.JPG   img_1350.JPG   img_1352.JPG   img_1353.JPG   img_1354.JPG   img_1355.JPG   img_1356.JPG   img_1357.JPG   img_1358.JPG   img_1359.JPG   img_1360.JPG   img_1361.JPG   img_1362.JPG   img_1363.JPG   img_1364.JPG   img_1365.JPG   img_1366.JPG   img_1367.JPG   img_1368.JPG   img_1369.JPG   img_1370.JPG   img_1371.JPG   img_1372.JPG   img_1374.JPG   img_1375.JPG   img_1376.JPG   img_1377.JPG   img_1378.jpg   img_1379.jpg   img_1380.JPG   img_1381.JPG   img_1382.JPG

 If a picture speaks a thousand words, then we had just made a statement of some 85,000 words. ((:

We were quite a handful as you can see; camera whores to the max. :p My battery went flat before anymore shots could have been taken but we have had some magazine-shots. Ok maybe not yet until photoshop comes into play but there are too many here. Besides, I’m quite a noob at photo editing.

I say we go crazier the next time. I really don’t mind being the camera person again. ((:


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