I went down for the caroling briefing yesterday. Talk about an interesting way to introduce ourselves and breaking-ice. The gut-busting handshake and sexy papaya/coconut/banana dance. It felt as though we were driven back to childhood. I love jingle bells and choir back those days never made us sing christmas carols so it’s like my first. Singing without boring sectionals is love. ((: Although I became stiff during the choreography.

I read the article about the Sentosa-IR where the 3 contenders are competing for the project of giving our little island over there a nip and tuck extreme makeover. You know, although there were so much of people (tourists and locals) voting for Eighth Wonder, somehow I feel that Singapore would choose the safest – Genting International – according to many experts’ comment. It isn’t exactly a bad choice when you consider the level of tanginility in the long run. So we are either taking the risk and going for the risky but rather promising one or the typical be-safe-than-sorry-option. Let’s see on Dec 8 whether the gahmen has decided to break free of the sterotype we’ve given ourselves.


On a fanciful-sky-day:

 img_1183.JPG img_1184.JPG img_1185.JPG img_1186.JPG img_1200.JPG img_1209.JPG img_1212.JPG img_1196.JPG


Stanchart racepack w/o the pasta. :p

img_1386.JPG img_1389.JPG img_1390.JPG img_1397.JPG img_1400.JPG


The other day@ CH’s. My my, a photo that includes me, now that’s rare!

Credits to Zj. I have not managed to edit B/W photos the way she did. Mine’s like a far cry from hers.


And I now believe Su that I became thinner. What happened to couch potato?! Ironically, when I don’t train, I become thinner. Snorts.


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