Sounds futuristic? You bet. But that’s not the next Singapore Discovery Centre nor is it a new science centre or another shopping Centre (read: Vivo City). It’s where I slogged for a day with toes out of breath and brains dysfuctional. I skipped lunch (read: couldn’t find where banquet is) and took forever to find SIA building when I was strolled right past its door. The best thing? I was late for half an hour. Till now, I can’t decide if despatch one-off assignments are fun or boring.

Actually I did helpdesk too. That position makes you feel powerful as in if in control of the entire office (although you pick up calls and transfer them to the respective departments, recieve paperwork and sign them and handle advisers). Despatch isn’t more difficult except for David who doesn’t have a sense of direction even in shopping malls. Oh, and they return you extra when you claim for tranport fees during your tasks – which means the more tasks the more of these ‘tips’ you get. HAHAHAS. The down side would be, if you’re unlucky and run into some bitchy HR manager then you would be less likely to have any colour other than red when you’re running errands. Fortunately, I’ve never ran into anyone more bitchy than me so I guess I am in control. 😀

I realised the reason I can’t find certain locations was because I kept running into fastfood outlets and eating places like Pastamania and Secret Recipe. So I just walk pass the buildings with food leading the way than the addresses I have at hand.

I saw the small shop – Prints – at the mall opposite Singapore Land Tower. I wanted to check them out because it was loaded with notebooks and it’s not the ones at (too) Popular bookstore. Sad to say, I was rushing back to office due to time wasted when I lost myself in seach of places I’ve never heard of. Snorts.

My toes are taking a breather for now. I skipped training on Wednesday not on purpose but due to a heavy breakfast holy mum insisted on having. That was when I’m already five mintues away from being labelled late. If I get to school for training tomorrow without any disasters thwarting my plans then I’ll be saved from skipping an entire week and I might grow fatter – wait, it should be STRONGER – soon. Oh and darker, bronze-er too. (:

Please not be long d. Please not be long d. Please not be long d. Please not be long d. Please not be long d. Please not be long d.

You know, December is approaching. And that means Christmas is coming! So is shopping spree. ((: But I’ve only earned a little more than enough to pay Shu Yun. sighhhhhhhs. But but but! She mentioned something about a planner she bought for me. Awww.

p.s. I saw a planner I like by Luxe or something. Maybe I should sell Shu Yun’s! :p I’m sure you know I won’t huh.


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