Although yat and Ivan decided to disappear for this historic run (for them), me and shuyun still managed to clear it by walking. In a way, it’s good. We’re very unlikely to suffer the cramps and aches tomorrow morning and we did have time for small talk and a mildly bitchy exchange. Most of the time, the runners around us entertained us. I saw lots of people including Joadine which I hardly recognised in jersey and all and some other tpjcians along the way. Then there’s Weishan, Shuyi at the baggage deposit tent and sockpeng at the drinks.I’m glad we didn’t start off early or we cannot stroll our way down the 10km. (:

I finally had the feeling of being overloaded with cheese at Pastamania today. Pasta with cream sauce wan’t enough, I thought and so I ordered cream of mushroom aftwerwhich I believed I can live without cheese for weeks. I was wrong because I feel the craving developing already.

Mum and Dad were firing at me when I announced the price of the 07 planner I want. I guess a lot of hunting awaits me but it shouldn’t be too boring I guess. Ok I’m lathargic now so stop.


Oh yea, happy 18th to Crystal Kung. (:

p.s. I saw this animated clip sometime back. Awww…


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