Speed upgrades for FREE on MaxOnline!

All MaxOnline customers will enjoy an automatic speed upgrade. From 28 December, MaxOnline 4000 and MaxOnline FlexiSurf 4000 will be upgraded to speeds of up to 6,000Kbps. MaxOnline 6500 will zoom at speeds of up to 12,000Kbps. Absolutely free!

This is yet another speed upgrade which we constantly bring to MaxOnline customers to support your evolving broadband needs.

Simply power off your cable modem and back on again from 28 December to enjoy the free boost in bandwidth.

DAMN DAMN DAMN. You have to love Starhub for what it has been offering ever since I got myself Maxonline 2000. In less than 1.5 years or so I think, I’m now (about to be) surfing at 6mbps. ((: And the upgrade is FOC. Thank goodness we got rid of the Singnet broadband which wasn’t wireless to begin with. Snorts.

Oh then I learnt that when ISPs offer dedicated network, it doesn’t make a difference to another that offers Shared network because the access speeds depend largely on the website’s bandwith/traffic so dedicated in other words is just a subterfuge.

Random: There’s a Mexican bread-making brand called BIMBO and they are the 3rd largest in the world. How come we don’t get to eat that in Singapore?


Britney has been offering much to follow up for the paparazzi. First it was the long-awaited break up with K-Fed, then a claimed-to-be-non-existing pornographic video of Brit and K-Fed having sex followed by panty-less crotch flashed twice in 2 consecutive nights and thrice in a week and finally pole-dancing at Paris Hilton’s house. WOW. Of course without forgetting the partying with Lindsay Lohan and Paris. Now, experts and lawyers alike have commented that her behaviour in front of media would very likely affect the custody for her 2 children. ): Brit, put on some panty and stay home. Meanwhile K-Fed was reported to be spending on the 2 boys. Obviously, it would be better for the 2 kids to stick with Brit. Whichever kid would want to grow up knowing that their father’s been depending on some celebrity and have reportedly said to spend half of Birt’s fortune. A woman’s man we say.

I don’t know if this was meant to be a parody because it’s on a newsweek article but it wasn’t mentioned if they really tapped into their messages so I guess not. Anyway check this out man, it’s like the perfect bimbo. And the nick heirhead sounds really ridiculous although we’ll agree to how she presents herself to the world.

Nov. 24
BritBrit (8:27:55 PM): hey y’all!

Heirhead (8:28:01 PM): b! So glad you axed FedEx!!!

BritBrit (8:30:03 PM): Thanks! I’m ready for some fun! Woot!

Heirhead (8:30:14 PM): We should hang out

BritBrit (8:35:33 PM): YAY!

Heirhead (8:35:45 PM): RU going2 Hyde l8r?

BritBrit (8:37:15 PM): What are you saying?!

Heirhead (8:37:38 PM): ARE YOU going TO Hyde LATER?

BritBrit (8:40:05 PM): TOTALLY!!1!! What are you wearing tonight?

Heirhead (8:40:55 PM): blue Chloe halter dress. U?

BritBrit (8:43:09 PM): I got this cute green mini and a matching thong.

Heirhead (8:43:47 PM): OMG! Ditch the thong!

Nov. 25
Heirhead (4:30:10 PM): did you see the pics? U are hot!

BritBrit (4:33:25 PM): My mom is sooo freaked!

Heirhead (4:33:55 PM): haha

BritBrit (4:35:01 PM): Not funny!!!1!

Heirhead (4:35:36 PM): Wanna go to Manx 2nite?

BritBrit (4:37:30 PM): OK, but i’m wearin’ drawers this time!

Heirhead (4:47:55 PM): LOL! NOT!

BritBrit (4:49:01 PM): Your a bad influence! (Mom sez so!)

Heirhead (4:49:40 PM): OMG! Know what would be funny?

BritBrit (4:51:05 PM): huh

Heirhead (4:51:12 PM): Let’s invite Frcrtch!!!

BritBrit (4:52:27 PM): who?

Heirhead (4:52:49 PM): “LAST CALL” LOHAN!

BritBrit (4:56:50 PM): I thought you hated her!

Heirhead (4:56:59 PM): it’ll be a riot!

Nov. 26
MeanGirl69 (1:24:01 PM): Had a blast last night, guyz! Again 2nite?

Heirhead (1:24:13 PM): um, we’ll see. K?

BritBrit (1:26:00 PM): OMG!!!11! Did you two see my new pics?????

Heirhead (1:26:16 PM): u rock!

MeanGirl69 (1:26:35 PM): Old skool…I was doing that when you were still preggers!

Heirhead (1:26:59 PM): hey frcrtch, I was doing that when you were still fat.

BritBrit: (1:28:15 PM): burn!

MeanGirl69 (1:28:40 PM): i’m losing the signal. Not getting ur messages. cant make it tonight. Have another photo-op. oh, well.

Heirhead (1:28:45 PM): right :)~

Nov. 27
Heirhead (5:26:17 PM): The paparazzi love U!

BritBrit (5:30:07 PM): My mom sez I should wear panties.

BritBrit (5:32:13 PM): Sez I need to think of my kids or something…

Heirhead (5:32:34 PM): Girl, that’s where your kids came from ;^)

BritBrit (5:34:55 PM): I KNOW! Hey, are you busy next week?

Heirhead (5:35:02 PM): N2BZ4UQT

BritBrit (5:45:09 PM): huh?

Heirhead (5:45:46 PM): not too busy for you cutie!

BritBrit (5:50:00 PM): oh, hee. Well, WHTBBMAWM?

Heirhead (5:50:09 PM): ???

BritBrit (5:52:13 PM): Wanna host the Billboard Music Awards with me?

Heirhead (5:52:40 PM): that’d be so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov. 28
BritBrit (6:03:14 PM): Can U believe we got matching hair extentions?!?1?!?!

Heirhead (6:03:16 PM): we look hot

BritBrit (6:05:09 PM): I KNOW!

Heirhead (6:05:13 PM): Party @ Lotus 2nite!

BritBrit (6:08:09 PM): I dunno I think I should spend time with my baby and my older baby

Heirhead (6:08:12 PM): That’s what nannies are for!

Heirhead (6:09:07 PM): hello?

Heirhead (6:09:58 PM): where are you?

BritBrit (6:58:15 PM): Oops. Ran out of minutes

Heirhead (6:58:18 PM): That’s so lame…

BritBrit (7:01:02 PM): See you tonight!!

Nov. 29
BritBrit (2:03:12 PM): Paris, where’d you go last night?!?!?!1

Heirhead (2:03:15 PM): I figured you were so cozy with Brandon Davis it didn’t matter

BritBrit (2:06:08 PM): huh?

Heirhead (2:06:11 PM): My ex, Brandon. Whatever

BritBrit (2:09:03 PM): huh?

Heirhead (2:09:05 PM): WHATEVER!

BritBrit (2:13:46 PM): Well, you can do the Billboard Music Awards by yourself then!

Heirhead (2:13:49 PM): WHAT[expletive]EVER!

Nov. 30
BritBrit (12:13:02 PM): Miss you!

Heirhead (12:13:05 PM): ❤

BritBrit (12:15:12 PM): I’m so glad we made up!

Heirhead (12:15:15 PM): me too

BritBrit (12:18:46 PM): Aw, now you’ve got to do the Billboard Music Awards by yourself

Heirhead (12:18:49 PM): No way, I’m bailing on that. Won’t do it without you! 

BritBrit (12:21:06 PM): Whatcha doing tonight?

Heirhead (12:21:09 PM): Ugh, I told frcrtch I’d go out with her

BritBrit (12:23:46 PM): OMG, no way

Heirhead (12:23:49 PM): That was before we made up! You have to come, too!

BritBrit (12:26:04 PM): COOL

Dec. 1
MeanGirl69 (12:32:06 PM): That wuz so much fun, guyz!

BritBrit (12:35:12 PM): My mom’s so mad. sez I need to stop flashing everybody.

Heirhead (12:35:15 PM): My mom is disappointed in all of us

MeanGirl69 (12:35:18 PM): My mom thought it was cool! Where to now?

BritBrit (12:36:46 PM): um…

Heirhead (12:36:47 PM): Hey Linds, why don’t you go “be adequite” somewhere else?

MeanGirl69 (12:36:50 PM): i’m losing the signal. Not getting ur messages. cant make it tonight. Have another photo-op. oh, well.

Heirhead (12:36:52 PM): haha

BritBrit ( 12:37:12 PM): My mom’s coming, gotta go!

Heirhead (12:37:15 PM): cya

Dec. 2
BritBrit (3:12:06 PM): My mom sez I can’t hang out with you anymore!

Heirhead (3:12:09 PM): My mom sez you’re ruining my image!

BritBrit (3:14:12 PM): As if!

Heirhead (3:14:14 PM): Whatever

BritBrit (3:16:46 PM): Fine

Heirhead (3:16:48 PM): WHATEVER

BritBrit (3:19:02 PM): FINE

Heirhead (3:28:07 PM): Wanna go to Hyde 2nite?

BritBrit (3:30:12 PM): AWESOME!!!1!!

Who was singing stars are blind anyway?


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