By: Dave

Dec 08 2006

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After one week of its opening, Shuyun, jn and me met up to dig into the new outlet of this Sweden furniture store. Okay, maybe not just furniture. For the first time in history, David is early. Earlier, fine. Although I get lost even in supermarkets, I wasn’t today because I stick close to the 2 all these time. I bought useful things unlike those decoration stones which lied all over the place and were uglier than crocs (It’s hardly possible to tell which is worse anyway). The first would be the Shoehorn which I never knew its name because all the while I address it as ‘the-thing-you-stuff-in-your-shoes-to-put-your-feet-in’. :p It’s loooooooong and sexy. No more bending down to touch those shoes before school. To think I told jn it’s for scratching the back. When I thought only jn knows about quirky things, mum instantly drew a deep breath before grimacing the stick, exclaiming how useful it will be for the tall and the elderly. It must be the snake face distracting me. Hur.

The snake, if you peer at it hypnotises you. Nah, I’m just kidding. All it has is a wonder mouth at the ends of rubber material so when we hang it at the edge of those shoe cabinets, it won’t slid off. What a marvellous input for a snake-like shoehorn!

I love cream of mushroom there. OMFG. The pasta’s cool too. There was this group of bastards and bitches neighing at the table next to ours. Maybe I was on high (read: bitchy) but they were simply too annoying. I can’t illiterate in what way they made me feel so but they just look slightly lesser than bimbotic with nothing much in their airheads. So after we claimed how irresponsible they are to leave their plates on their table, we too left our table with plates but we had at least thought for a while before giving up as we don’t know where to bring the cutlery and all to. I know this is beginning to sound like an awesome excuse. (:

Starbucks was lined with throngs and hordes of hungry cheapskates waiting to get their almost-free cuppa. It was so bad that the cheapskate typing away decided to give it a miss and walk away swearing to blog this down. Poor Starbucks. ):

I recieved a call from Chai Yun while waiting for the bus that takes donkey years to arrive. Damn she’s opposite and when I was about to decide that she has turned more womanly for a better cause, her voice remained as ‘anti-oestrogen’ as ever. Oh wait, I can be recognised across the street! I must be have an inner icon radiating with significance to those around me.

Oh yea the other thing is the damn brush for dishwashing. For some reason, I think I may develop a love for washing dishes from now with this orange brush.

After walking countless kilometres (I bet it’s more than the Stanchart 10km) and sitting on all the various chairs, sofa, beds, toilet bowls, bathing tubs and couches in all those showrooms, I think Ikea makes you envious. The place drives your desire high, hurling at you layers of dissatisfaction to which how ugly your house is now. The moment you decide that one furniture should be purchase, you find yourself the perfect reason to buy everything else around it. It’s somewhat similiar to how the Samsung ad on buying an LCD or is it HDTV can change your life by overwhelming you to create changes.  fall under this group of people where one new item would generate transformations removing all old things. I feel so toyed by Ikea right now. Damn. 


2 comments on “IKEA!”

  1. nice blog skin you have there… thanks so much for accompanying me while working.. see ya soon.. take care… 🙂

  2. Hello, actually I don’t really like the template. It was used in the mean time while I configure something. I’m figuring out a photo host like I told you the other day – running out of space already. ):

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