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By: Dave

Dec 13 2006

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Okay it has been a while since I updated because I was and am still stearching for a proper photo host. I only discovered we have limited space for uploads in the entries when wordpress posted the news ‘ruuning out of space?’ some days ago. I was frantic and went in search high and low but to no avail. There are quite a couple of free photo hosts out there but they do not allow external linking – even if they do, I still don’t know how to get them down to thumbnail size for viewing pleasure and orderliness. ): Meanwhile, I’ll have to settle with the remaining 24% of space left for now.

Magdalena (Emily Rios) is the daughter of a Mexican-American family who runs a storefront church in Echo Park, Los Angeles. With her fifteenth-birthday approaching, all she can think about is her boyfriend, her Quinceañera dress, and the Hummer Limo she hopes will carry her on her special day.

But a few months before the celebration, Magdalena falls pregnant. As the elaborate preparations for her Quinceañera proceed, it is only a matter of time before her religious father finds out and rejects her.

Forced out of her home, Magdalena moves in with great-great uncle Tomas (Chalo Gonzalez). Already living with him is Carlos (Jesse Garcia), Magdalena’s cousin, a tough but handsome young man who was thrown out by his parents, because of homosexuality.

The back house rental where Tomas has lived happily for many years is on a property that was recently purchased by an affluent white gay couple (David W. Ross and Jason L. Wood) — pioneers of gentrification in the neighborhood. Inevitably, worlds collide when they become entangled in the lives of their tenants.

It cost me 10 to watch this movie. According to GV, this movie is imported which explains the price although I honestly don’t understand why this is so. Although Pillai and James complained about the ‘insufficient M18 scenes’ and short play time, the movie’s quite a winner. It reflected the world of troubled teens and the Latin culture adequately or at least to me. For the trailer, click here.

I decided to drop the whole idea of caroling. First up, I can’t wake up on time especially on my beautiful yet lazy Sunday mornings (actually every morning is so in the holidays eh) Secondly, I have no discipline/patience whatsoever to tolerate practice sessions which pull off worse than sectionals with all that chorography. So the last fateful sunday morning was spent at the supermarket with Des. I hold the record of the longest visitor he has ever since he worked there. That actually means I’m bothersome. :p We have too many issues in our individual lives to keep in mind of every single friend. Some days, some friends don’t surface at all in our minds until we run into them or at gatherings. I think that sucks but we’re all humans.

But is it human to play your fucking mp3 phone on public transport? This feels like a deja vu when I’ve whined to everyone I know and everwhere I can. Fortunately, I’m here to serve you (and me) 2 solutions:

  • Equip yourselves with proper, I repeat, proper mp3 players with god-like earphones/headphones that are noise-cancelling or better if you can afford Shure sound isolating ones. That way, you’re being more passive but at the same time protective of your dear ears from these repugnant delinquents (read: fuckers)
  • The aggressive take: Attack them – not literally. You’ll need good mp3 phones with preferably loud techno/disco or whatever shit these people listen to. Alternatively, to annoy them you may choose songs used in operas or simply use those high pitch ‘mosquito’ ringtones. The latter one should be coupled with your peers’ phone. Don’t underestimate teamwork’s ability. When many phones play that unbearable screeching sound, those little imps would be driven to their knees. :p The best part: it doesn’t affect the elderly on board as their biological system has long lost the ability to pick up high pitch sounds. Amazing!

Speaking of earphones, my neckstrap earphones have been dying on me. The left side refuses to play until it decided that it has ‘warmed-up’ for some time. I only recently realised the tweak to getting around it and forcing it to play. This christmas, if you’re deciding to get me something, it can be earphones. (: Nah, that’s just a reminder I need to save $.

The ulcers have been attacking non-stop and has formed a ‘flower’ as Xueyun calls it. I’ve given up on the old housewives’ tale of using salt as a remedy because it never did anything other than sending throbbing pain to my brains, lips and everywhere else. So I bought bonjela.


It didn’t cure. It is only suppose to numb all the pain for long hours and even overnight. I think. But it was useful and my flower has finally started to wither and when my wounds are all healed I can start munching on chips and chocs and whatever junk food you name. I’ll remember to drink water too – to keep these unwelcomed ulcers at bay.

Class chalet with 05s09 was crazy fun. Although there wasn’t food enough to be called dinner from the BBQ, I’m okay with the fruit salad and marshmallows which by the way, I’ve learnt how to bbq them in a perfect manner under the grill or what-you-call-that-metal-thing. I. am. so. smart. I’m going to suffer when you people are away next year. ): Tmo didn’t turn up. I didn’t ask Paul the questions. I didn’t take enough photos. Damn it. The camera’s lens was dirtied when I left it in the room before wondering around downtown east so snapping (photos, not at people) became quite out of question given the fact I’m Mr Anal-with-everything. Nevertheless, these are the few I had. The rest’s with Jiamin.

img_1479.JPG     img_1491.JPG     img_1497.JPG     img_1501.JPG

img_1503.JPG     img_1509.JPG     img_1485.JPG     img_1481.JPG

I think this is long enough an entry as compensation. (:

p.s. Don’t watch The Covenant if you’re planning to watch only one movie this week. It is crap.


4 comments on “Quinceanera/Carol-drop/mp3-handphone-bastards/05s09 chalet”

  1. Oh gosh! How could you post tt fugly picture of me?

  2. Wow. Your reply quite prompt eh! Why not? :p It looks candid enough and candid shots should not be wasted. ((:

  3. Hi Dave, thank you for the visit. As for your question about the flickr photos, simply sign-in to your flickr account, click one photo and click on the “all sizes” option. Then it will show you different sizes from square, thumbnail, small, medium or large to view the picture. I choose “thumbnail” so it would fit on my post (depending how many pictures you want in your post). Below the pictures say if you choose “thumbnail”, there’s a html link to it that you can copy and paste for your blog entry (I choose option #1). But be sure that the picture is a file-shared so that your reader can click (see a bigger size image) to the link in your photo page. Or choose #2 if you just want to show a static picture without the link. Hope that helps.

  4. Thanks a great lot! The rich text editor tends to screw up html codes. I guess I would get better after playing around with it. Arrrrgh all these techie details can kill. 😀

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