Religion, OGL and twits.

By: Dave

Dec 14 2006

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After some days of chalet and break from the books, I’m finally hitting the school library again. Boy did it rain! I had to sacrifice lunch time till 3 before going over for lormee. (: Shuyun and I talked religion inspired by her essay choice (from our lovely GP assignment) and I can’t help noticing how sensitive issues of religion can be. When one religion believes in the existence of various to many Gods, they tend to be more forgiving when others preach of theirs. Those worship/follow/praying to one and only are more prone to religious conflicts – I think. I’m not very certain but if you only believe in one while the other too, the troublesome question of ‘who is right?’ becomes the spark of all problems. It is either insecurity – of whether your religion is right – or strong dismissal of others’ beliefs that stir arguments. I’ve never read into the study of religions but if there is any debate or sorts between the different groups, it would be pointless. Religions teach peace, love, benevolence, loyalty etc. Basically you can pick all these values off any moral education book. If there’s a common goal or so to speak, it would be world peace; between individuals to nations. At least there would be nothing against that or else it does not deserve religion a label. Oh my god, I sound too serious. I’m actually churning out something intellectual! (even though it’s a small extent but still!)

By the way, in text messages be it mobile phones, msn or even written messages, OMG is a common shorthand we use. It’s time the athesists do something about their habits because they don’t write what they speak so proudly of – the non-existence of God. They would claim everything has an explanation from science and so what explains science? Sorry if you’re one but knowledge and wisdom are two seperate aspects and with the former, you can only go as far as science goes. Hur.


I saw the 2007 PAE board. It was like yesterday when I was posted to tpjc.

Anyway, I saw some soon-to-be-freshman scanning the board and aslight pang of regret hit me. Perhaps I should have reconsidered taking up the OGL role for orientation coming January. In October when they were calling for registrations, my impression of OGLs are desperados out to seek attention and collect some fame after a whole year’s trauma as a low-profile rat. My OGLS then were nothing of this sort. I guess the 06/07 batch doesn’t impress. We are too largely infested with wannabes posting photos of themselves spelling fugly and me-twit. If you’re not the party sort, don’t force yourself. If you’re not athletic, don’t act like you’re a natural. I’m not arrowing all who switched from performing arts or uniform groups but those who did so to try ballooning their social status or so they think. Because at the end of the day, you don’t enjoy what you’re doing and you blame the gossips and mockery hurled at you. I think this is a lesson many learn too late when they enter post secondary school institutions.

Speaking of twits, I must say I am proud to be a wp user. I don’t behave like twits found on blogspot that type lIkE tHiS or convey messages likeex how moi ish trying to do so nowxxx. Okay the last word is too extreme. Local secondary school students must have some mechanism that makes them follow the twits. It becomes so difficult to differentiate the ETI students from the rest. Really, the majority of them and their younglings – TN students – are so indespicably annoying they’re like plaque. The moment you see them you brain flashed these words: noisy noisy noisy. They are not even loud. They are plainly noise of insignificance. It’s not like we’re trying to be almighty and superior but their actions itself scream of their decadence. I don’t understand; if you’re not doing well academically, does that mean you’re the soceity’s fallen ones? Because it is happening here, disturbingly. In any case, I hope twits stay clear of wordpress. Allow us wp users to make our statement as the more professional bloggers around. :p


Some random photos so this entry becomes less lanky and boring.


  1. It was written in Econs class. You see, I only wrote bias biatch and shuyun added very. Tsk, so bitchy huh.
  2. I found the ultimate alternative to salonpas medical plasters! It’s made in japan which speaks for its quality and effectiveness. It solves all those aches and soreness from sports or extreme activities. (:
  3. I finally cleared my table which was stacked with piles of papers, mostly GP and foolscap paper with random scribblings during classes. I threw most of them away. See, the corner of the table looks sweeter now. I’m a bit worried I might have thrown away some notes though.
  4. Yellow rubber ducky about the size of my thumb. It’s the kind that squeaks when you squeeze it. If only it is a keychain – would come handy in face of nuisances playing their mp3 phones on the bus/train. Imagine the high pitch squeaking trampling on that low quality stereo (is it even so?). That would make my day squeaky perfect. :p

Okay, I think I’ve nagged enough.

p.s. In recognition for the successful posting of photos once again (phew!), I hereby thank K for his help. It saved my life. 😀


2 comments on “Religion, OGL and twits.”

  1. oh wow.. where to get those medical plasters?
    and, ur english realli perfect pls. =)

  2. hey. Where got good?! Hahahas. It’s just typing in full sentences. It’s good practice! (: Those plasters can be bought at Tampines Mall’s NTUC Fairprice or is it Shop and Save. I can’t remeber but it’s one of those supermakets. It’s really effective!
    See you around!

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