Wake and The Musical

By: Dave

Dec 16 2006

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Pillai’s grandfather passed away. Kenny and I attended the wake yesterday. It was at the North side and we had to takes bus, mrt and lrt. The best part? We missed the last train and had only the nightrider left to bring us home. I was initially upset but upon discovering there’s a free transfer within 45 minutes, I was head over heels. Kenny and Pillai, I’m seriously not angry at any of you cos we were too busy catching up and the departure of our loved-ones don’t happen weekly so it was more of a dang! we missed the train kind of thing. It was my first time attending an Indian’s wake. The Chinese places the body of the deceased in a coffin (at least all that I have attended are so) and thankfully mum actually cautioned me about what I might encounter. Imagine the silence and bloodshot stares I get when I ask: where’s the coffin? The 2 hour ride was quite an eye-opener with interesting rockband-wannabes (they have to be because I don’t hear anything about those people) and random teenagers punctuating every sentence with the word FUCK; even at a religion. We later realised that one or more of them came from our secondary school – talk about culture shock.


I am really unlucky today because the bus that brings me from home to the MRT station – which usually takes 5 minutes to arrive – took 20 minutes or so and it was packed with 6543789 people. It is usually less than half-filled. The train that brings me to EXPO had to arrive 10 minutes later. To top it off, I was already running late. I apologies to you girls and Joadine for the wait before the musical. I hope the above mentioned excuses sound apologetic and would gather your empathy. :p The musical was reasonably good, in fact above average if you consider the admission fee. Besides, the magic displayed was impressionable. I don’t think they went overboard with their preaching unlike some other and the entire last bit was really short and saved us from any unpleasant experiences. People today should realise selling your religion is rather ridiculous and the followers you gathered possibly don’t know the real reason to why they are believing you or God.

Aside from PeiJun, the rest of us went down to the Airport for dinner where I saw Aloy after almost a whole year since he graduated. After some hunting, we finally swam to Fish & Co. As usual, I made queries on available vegetarian food and there’s some pasta which I knew would be disastrous because it cost a freaking bomb to be worth eating since it is name Simple Pasta. Sauteed Vegetables actually means some cucumber-lookalike-vegetable, mushrooms and carrots in a pan. I felt really cheated but since it’s cheaper than what the rest are eating, I was secretly grinning to myself. (: I didn’t bring my camera but the Sweetlips Empress is sinfully delicious. Trust me (esp Shuyun), you would forgot what the hell is coffee bean after you tried it. There’s peanut butter inside! Obviously, I stole (read: asked with much shyness and courtesy) the fries from all over and was welcomed by an array of sauces. Lemon and butter is love! These are all requested and brought to us by Jiamin’s dreamy-hot waiter, Clement or how you spell that. We were laughing over social etiquettes when jm answered his prompt for more sauce to be brought over.

I recently realised how important jazz music is. So much so it is playing in the background now. The whole thing about jazz revolves about restaurants and most high-end shops not your typical teenage-going 77th street. Yes, Fish & CO. spun tracks of jazz and they (actually I think it’s just jm)  claimed it’s dining with class. Heh.


Much expectedly, the 21st council screwed Mel’s Chalet voucher won from the lucky draw. It is annoying but still amusing to realise some bunch of pathetic kids left your lucky draw envelope with receipts from the purchase of the voucher. The idea of picking one councillor from each class was dumb to begin with because there are often classes void of students with leadership traits.

Anyway I can’t seem to find a good reason to go down to Funan. It seems like I’ll never get my 07 planner. Tsk.


7 comments on “Wake and The Musical”

  1. hi talk about coincidence.. haiz too many ppl dying these days. so did mine a few days back and soon one more too, i hope not.

    btw add me again to remain in contact: http://miyamotomakansushi.blogspot.com

    and train hard damnit… 4x100m and 4x400m still got hope if u guys start running and not ponning… i know “ning” rhymes but its different…

  2. My condolences.
    Thanks for having faith in the team. I hope those that are sincerely interested in winning would train hard too. I’m not sure about myself, really. I don’t even know if I would be able to return to tnf with my mum hot on my heels over results and time management. You know parents and their endless worries to the extent they stop you from all activities other than school, yea?
    And unless coach shows some non-bias concerrn for the team and treat new trackers with lesser attitude, we would soon become some 5-member-cca. ):

  3. btw.. that cucumber-lookalike vegetable is actually kailan stalk (if i’m not wrong cos my mom like to cook that)
    AND thankfully my shoe didn’t snap.. Or i ask u to buy me a new pair of shoes.. Haha

  4. Oh… But it all tastes nice with the lemon butter thing! If we go again, I’ll remember to get an extra pot of it. :p

  5. It’s not even considered preaching la. Haha. Seriously, it’s more of a sharing session and for one thing, that’s quite main thing about the whole show. It’s to spread the Gospel.

    Anyway, jazz is not classy la. It’s just pure lounge room chill out. Quite an aquired taste imo.

  6. That’s preaching for non-christians. To the christians, it becomes a routine. We’re not talking about the whole share-your-life-story part but more of the follow-what-I’m-saying-it’s-called-a-prayer. No hard feelings but most people walked out before they can come to us at the last part. Then again, it’s already considered rather mild – even to non-christians.

  7. i’ll argue against that point but i’m lazy right now. but seriously, people who even go for it should be prepared for some sort of religious message one way or another.

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