Nike Sale/Planner finally.


This is happy food for me. (: Lately, I just realised the Taokaenoi seaweed are selling individual big pieces seperately. It’s not really worth it, really. But I still love their seaweed and is evident from all that crumbs left after I leave the table although I leave crumbs from almost any food that I eat. Gingerbread man means Christmas or so I think because I only eat them during the year end season.

Nike had a sale at EXPO today and I went down to realise it’s quite sad att hat moment because they have shoes, shoes and shoes. They were really desperately getting rid of all their shoes going at 2 for 1. If you’re fetish enough, you realise nike shoes’ designs are an eyesore. I haven’t got my Asics anyway so I won’t be interested in their shoes. The have more women apparel than men which has only one fulgy white jersey and one tee both of the same design. Snorts.

Oh and I decided I don’t need a reason to get down to Funan and so I finally got my 07 planner/diary. ((: The salesperson in the shop kept staring at me as I fumbled through all the planners. I bet she thinks I’m stealing. I think I’m pretty screwed because there’s a pile of revision to be done and I lost track of time until now. 2 holy weeks left before school reopens. Somehow, I know I’m just getting panicky and not getting down to work. Grrrreat.


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