Christmas Party

It rained like it never did in the last 75 years. There were reports claiming it to be the third highest ever since 2006-75 years. Although the rain kinda dampened the spirits for the party it turned out pretty well. I don’t understand clubbing even till now. Perhaps I need to be doped before I go as crazy as Gloria or Berlinda. I finally learnt the game of heart attack and I looked quite a fool when everyone threw their arms forward while I stare into space wondering why. Kenny’s idea for the gift exchange – more specifically would be the process – was great! (: I got Berlinda’s and Kenny got mine. Among all expected gifts, Zhuojie gave Leying this book on 50 or 150 ways to seduce your lover. Most of us thought it’s from Keith. I think he has moved to the wilder side so much so we think the crazier things have to be from him. Heh. There IS some food for me. The eggs, potato-crisp-thing and the chocolate fondue! I finished the whole plate of salad with loads of bacon before dozing off. I swear I was happy to see the sun again. I miss the sunny side of Singapore! My towel doesn’t even dry by my next shower these days. Aside from that annoying wet towel, I’m already sick of waking up these mornings freezing from the angry rain. Anyway, I wasn’t in the snapping mode during the party so I didn’t take much photos so this is all I have.


The most hits would probably come from Berlinda and the bra. I think we had one crazy evening and an even crazier night. Thank you Kenny, CH, ZJ and Yanching for planning this. You know, my harsher comments would be reserved personally for you guys later. 😀


The rain swept away time, all precious and fragile.


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