No, not sex or hook-ups even more so for this night, Holy night or is it Silent night. See what carols do to you. I suppose right now, as I type my butter fingers away, Shuyun, Cheryl and Adora and all the other ppl I knew then are caroling away at Parco. Imgaine the lights, crowd and happy atmosphere all over the streets. Awww.

I’ve been missing lately – not from fun definitely – and I’ve had a great time with the Friday class people. That’s some religious class I attend, some sort. It’s my first time ever since I remember things that I actually went up Bukit Timah hill. I remember the days when we read the primary school English book about the myth/legend behind the red soil for its name; there weren’t any sighted though. You know, green is love and photos taken there simply turn out so nicely. ((: We had log cakes! I don’t fancy them like I do for cheese and chocolates but they’re still a dear. Wind turned nasty yesterday when we were eating at Changi Beach (reminds me of track training when I cheated by taking a bus :p) and some cakes were swooped off the table falling face flat onto greeny grass. The games were good. I’m actually good with names! Maybe it was only that day because I don’t recall names really well especially authentic traditional chinese names that sound horribly like you’re calling a chicken. I do remember weird ones though – like Pak Yiu and Hem. 😀 Anyway, track, class or the old secondary school peeps, if we do have a camp or gathering where games play a part on the agenda, remind to share this FLAG GAME. (:

I realised I always make decisions really late such as last year when I only finally did  give up on the whole conditional promotion and math mayhem. <grins really really widely> This year it’s the same (hell no, not promo headache thank God) for the worse or better I’m not sure: I’ve dropped the whole topical test thing that’s suppressing me and killing me. It is not about revising itself, more like the thoughts and reminders that circle my head at least once every 3 hours. I know it’s not a lot but still!!! Now, it’s like a mental note to myself: Say Fuck you to the topical tests and just enjoy the last bit of the  hols. This whole last minute revision (read: reminders) won’t do anything positive. Besides, it’s not worth me and my worries. I’m not dumping it entirely though, I’ll try going back to school some time soon; at least a few days after Christmas I say! (:

This didn’t turn out like the quickie I had in mind though. Argh.

p.s. Charmed S2 is like 5 episodes complete!


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