Death Ann./Bandwidth breakdown/Random rantings

I realised I haven’t been updating.

Grandmother’s death anniversary went as per normal; with very little people turning up. I swear the relatives are only interested in turning up for big events like Chinese New Year. Can’t someone from the family take leave from work for this day, at least representing your household if not play the excuse generator. Maybe I’m confused about this whole occasion.


28th is finally here but alas, the Taiwan earthquake destroyed some undersea cables which distorted net access – just when I thought I can draw that line across my list of to-download. Reports said it would take three holy weeks and I doubt I can last throughout but school is reopening which means some form of distraction would reduce my agony from this terrible snail-speed broadband.

I. am. so. screwed. Okay, maybe not just me and I hope the rest are in the same boat or at least set one foot in because F is for flung and that would be stamped on my papers in lass than 2 weeks. I pray wenxin and shuyun and somebody, anybody would go to school with me tomorrow. I really abhor the school’s ridiculous plan to force us to study because we spend 70% of the holidays worrying about tests at the back of our heads while not doing anything about it. Ultimately, we do not get to enjoy a clean break from school. Thank God there weren’t any extra lessons. You know, I may actually look forward to NS – at least pre-NS-post-As period. That would be the best time for some brain-rotting to take place. 😀

For now, let me dig up (read: worry about) the things related to a last-minute revision.

p.s. Then, I don’t think it’s last minute enough to start panicking. :p


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