The sirens are wailing in my ears but I’m obviously deaf to all the shoutings in my head. Someone enlighten me because that untouched load of revision intimidates even my toes. ): I tried to ask Jehanne out to challenge our willpower and lazy asses to some work say at the national library but she didn’t respond to my obvious cries for help. ): Shu yun’s in some church camp which only ends tomorrow. Wenxin is a bitch so let’s just ignore her from the scope of discussion. :p

I think I need the aircon before I can remain on a chair without dozing off onto the pile of papers. Sunny days are back! The rain has made me oblivious to all time and space until I opened and saw the timetable annoucement for the first week or so. Hello exams, kiss my ass. Snorts.

I finally got my deviantART account few days back and I actually recieved comments. ((: When I’m in my university years, I should take photography as my minor, cca or something. 😀


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