Hello 07. (:

By: Dave

Jan 02 2007

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New Year resolutions are a plenty and I see them everywhere from the news to blogs. I checked last year’s resolutions and guess what, I’m pretty contented that I actually did something right. (: Although I didn’t get into OCIP which I still regret because it would be my first time going to Cambodia if I passed the interview but I screwed big time by giving stupid solutions for my diet such as starving. I should have said I can live on plain rice for days. On the bright side, I managed to get myself back to year one to repeat the syllabus albeit a new one. I believe I picked the right combi whoch obviously doesn’t consist of much math. I had brought home trophy/medal for more than one event at sports day (which is really pathetic when I think about it) and I was part of the ’06 nationals 4 by 1 team. <inserts proud face> In a way, I’m glad I didn’t run in the finals because I can live in denial that I’m not fast enough and at the same time coax myself that if I ran that race, we would have done better. I know I’m delusional. 😀 I finally worked too.

For 07, the list would be:

  • Punctuality – I would be more concerned about school lateness than anything else now that we’ve got a new principal and hot sexy rules would soon be implemented. Alas! The school has finally made amendments to the timetable and school starts 20mins later (read: more sleep) I’m happier than you think. The point here is, I’ll give myself 1 day grace per week. ((:
  • I want to sleep on time such that I have enough time for supper and clean up before turning in every night.
  • Drink more milk.
  • Eat more protein food.
  • Drink more water
  • Get into Nationals for 4 by 400m – even if I’m going to be a reserve because I can get $150 for free (read: EAGLES award). :p
  • Be ready for As. (All A level students think this way though)
  • Be more than dynamic.

I know I sound very ambitious especially regarding punctuality but what’s new? I would be thrilled the next time I review my resolutions because it feels good to know I didn’t screw things up – I hope.


6 comments on “Hello 07. (:”

  1. hope u can grow fatter in ‘o7


  2. hahaha. talking about being puntual, johann’s calling me tomorrow at 5.30. he’s waking at 5. i hope this being puntual thing keeps up for the rest of the year !

  3. HAHAHAS. Yea. Thanks xiuhui. (:

    Shuyun, if you’re late tmr. I’ll confiscate Wilfred!

  4. u cant get eagles award anyhow. ur studies must be good and lastly ur attitude becoz the selection will pass thru ur teachers recommendations.

  5. hey melissa was asking if wanna go eat or something this coming friday.. yupp. like chit chat too. yupp. to confirm pls tag at my tagboard or u can message me. thanks a lot. yupp. hope u can make it. yupp 😛

  6. To kai
    Serious? WOW. But coach won’t nominate unless we get top 8 for nationals or something. I think I’m receiving mine for last year’s since he nominated me last year. But I haven’t head anything about it ever since. Maybe I’ll get it on college day this yr. 😀

    To CH
    Is it early? I have training on Friday. I also have religious class in the evening. I would stink after training you know. You get back to me with the details? Thanks. (:

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