How about over?

By: Dave

Jan 09 2007

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The tests were over for me after Biology because I didn’t do anything for chem. I practically left the paper for a 30mins break to drink milk tea in the canteen. George gave me the WTF-eyeball look when I stepped into the Audi from my not-so-deserving break. I did as mere as 3 parts of different questions and sat through the paper staring at the mug-girls sitting in front of me whom were scribbling endlessly. Please tell me they studied during the holidays because I would set them on fire if they didn’t with that amout of knowledge they pen down this afternoon. Anyway, I wrote a little note for Miss Huang on the last page apologising for my 95% blank test paper. I really don’t like doing tests which I didn’t even read up for.

 Sell-your-cca day tomorrow and I am so excited. YES I AM SO EXCITED…

It would be expected to see our posters torn down because of how much it resembles boring.


One comment on “How about over?”

  1. audi are amazing cars i just wish i had the money to buy one. sniff sniff
    maybe one day but untill then i will have to just make do with the pics

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