Wednesdays are a chore

By: Dave

Jan 10 2007

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Yes, they are simply horrible. They are like the worse days ever for my J2 life from here on until they makes some changes, hopefully after the MT results are out in March. We end with 2 mofo Econs period which spells DRY. I think this year we have better communication with Mrs Loh. I’m not saying this because I became the Econs rep with much thanks to the class because I should be doing otherwise with the weird things I’m assigned to do like the computer and ordering notes when I don’t know when they’re out. ): But on the whole, we seem to be able to get her attention on our needs now. Perhaps it was due to the feedback form which I remember cursing under my breath. :p

The cca recuitment drive is today and you. have. no. idea. how much I was thrilled to see all the 05 people. ((: I think we’ve become through some of the worst times of track and the craziest happy days when we have proper camps where we stay up over cup noodles, movies and monopoly. (: Once again. thank you all for those worthy days –  and it wasn’t even just fun, we achieved too. 😀

Ok I need to dig up one last reading log now. Shit.

p.s. OMFG. I love kenny! Thank you for the reading logs. ((:


2 comments on “Wednesdays are a chore”

  1. Come on la. Wilfred (the real fella, not my hippo) coz his teacher was sexist and he was the only guy in class ended up having to open the windows, erase the whiteboard and such. Worst job than you had. Lol.

  2. Thank God we still have a few guys although Mrs Loh is not sexist la. HAHAHS. I hope I can just sit there and shake my legs for econs. Heh.

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