Okay it’s been a while since I typed proper. I don’t know why (and I know I don’t look techy enough) but I am now the Bio ICT rep. Information Communication Technology? Err whatever. Anyway, Mrs Loh was damn funny today. She actually bought an orientation package for each of her econs rep. I know I should appreciate this ‘gift’?  but it’s just funny with her way of presenting it. Ok so it’s wasn’t like official presentation but still! Anyway, Jehanne claims that I am too stressed and so wx takes over the title of the bitch. HAHAHAHAS. One day when I age or when I’m bored, I bet I’ll rofl – literally – from the youthful nonesense. Heh. ((:

On the other hand, school is going on fine except it seems too quiet with lesser people around. ): But I guess we’ll make it through and through. After all, I’ve not been late for more than 5 times since school started this year. The college is finally reforming and perhaps in time we’ll be better than cj again. We were until our craziness got the better of us. Oh well.

Will post the photos soon. (:


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