Finally fine.

Skipped school today to go down to SGH for outpatient appointment with Dr Agas. Great news ahoy! My lungs are finally back to normal. ((: I’m glad there won’t (and I pray so) that there weren’t any further complications. I can finally await my return and make a comeback for track. Initially, my condition was so bad on the first day of discharge I had to lie in bed the entire day and at that point it felt as though the world has given up on me. I thought I would never be able to run again. I even told myself I would quit track altogether because my body is no longer able to withstand the strenous training. Thankfully it’s over.

Oh anyway I’ve been watching this Taiwanese drama series adapted from some manga, Hanazakarino Kimitachihe. In short, Hana Kimi starring Ella and 2 dudes from the Fahrenheit boyband. I just found out their existence from the show. Yea and I can’t remember whether it’s Elyn or Huining said I must be a tortise in the mountain for some time. Hello? They’re not that famous okay. Ok, maybe they are. Their songs are relatively okay but I still prefer Mayday’s songs more. (: In a nutshell, the plot is about Ella whom after watching the male lead on tv during a high jump competition, became so inspired and decides to transfer over from US to his school in Taiwan. Since he studies in a boys’ school, she cross-dresses and lives in the same dorm as him. So the series plays along with how he finds out that Ella’s a girl and his efforts in keeping her identity under cover. Obviously it is because he likes her. Duh. I’m at episode 10 and Ella’s friend from the States is so friggin hot!!! :p

Anyway that’s beside the point because the entire reason why this show sparked some interest in me was because the period when I was hospitalised and the 1st few days after I was discharged I had my non-existent fat ass on the couch flipping channels on the tv and since the plot was about how someone returned to track and field from some injury obviously I held interest especially since it held some significance to my situation. I don’t know how to put it but it be put this way, I would rather let media influence, coax and inspire me back into track than let fear of having recurring Pneumothroax affect my decisions. So long as it brings back confidence, I should not brush it aside. Hopefully I can train in time for the school’s track and field meet. I’m given extra exemption from pe till march end but I suppose I can return during the term holidays.

Anyway, aside from all those Fahrenheit fans, the show is a good catch since it’s 7-8pm on Ch U (frm 15th Feb weekdays by the way) and you can just watch it over dinner. Heh. Oh and especially high jumpers I guess… or any athlete actually. By the way, Ella does 100m! and it’s at an incredible 11s record. Although it’s drama but that’s still a feat for a female. Darn it.


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