$7.50 for a cab down when I’m still late. To think that I am late by 10s. If I ran up the damn hill (yes our school has this stupid hill) before they started the national anthem, at least my 7.50 would be for the greater good. My greater good. Now, I’m one ticket away to a trip down for CWO. I wonder what they do for CWO because if it’s physical, my mc would help me get away with everything but I doubt so since it’s not secondary school where cheap labour seems to be the hot kind of punishment among disciplinary masters.

CNY is already here for me. I won’t be wasting time, sleep and life on some trip to school for a few hours (and also risk being late) of mild entertainment. Hana Kimi is airing local now and being super good in chinese, I’m going to re-watch the show since – thankfully – Mediacorp do proper subs unlike those online where they have all sorts of errors and even distortion of sound. Snorts.

I swear I’m quite doomed by this stupid hospital stay because now I have this load of work waiting for me, blocking all that intention to burst with festive holiday excitment. Never mind, I’ll just do my Friday away on the school work and then school can kiss my ass. Ms Choo mentioned we must relax and what’s better than heeding this advice? 😀 The best thing: there’re at least 10 movies in my computer waititng to be watched; I’m counting down the seconds to new year’s eve. (:


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