A little update.

No I’m lying. This is not an update.

I have too many things at hand right now. I have not taken Chem SPA Skill A. I have not even gone through the Bio Mendellian Genetics so I can seriously consider kissing my ass goodbye to the Bio fac test and Amantha intends to take it this Friday I think. I have no problem with that because if I need to flung it to get aat least one thing of my list of things, then so be it. There’s still Econs fact test and Macro econs is a big no-no, definitely not on my list of interesting topics. Then there’s the NTU-MOE Econs Seminar at NTU campus next Sat and then NUS open house on that Sunday. Yadda yadda. My life rocks. Now, I don’t even know if we’re still having our track and field chalet anymore since coach has disapeared without a trace nor leaving a word. Sighs. I wonder what would happen to us with new coach, IC and all. This seems like just another significantly crippling force of my motivation to run again. Speaking of which, it feels pathetic that I can’t even sprint after the bus now. OMFG. I feel major un-athlete can? What a disappointment. I’ll post the CNY stuff soon. No photos this year all thanks to mum for misplacing the camera somewhere in the house. How big can our house be c’mon. <slaps forehead>


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