By: Dave

Feb 22 2007

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This has got nothing to do with the school songfest this year, rather it is concerning what the VP said in the morning. He mentioned the release of As would be coming right up and that we’re encouraged to be mr and ms busybodies and station ourselves outside and the back of the hall to witness others’ moment. It sounds very lowly and crude but the whole purpose is to decide for ourselves what we want when our As come. I can’t believe we have to resort to such methods to get ourselves moving. We are definitely desperate to better our school academic standing and public image. Anyway, about infest… given the small class size we are now, we’ll definitely be one of the top listed classes for repeat students from the 05 batch after As is released (which btw the VP said we should be caring and what-not to them; surely we are more empathetic than he think no?). Moreover so with our subject combi available for them: Chem Econs Math, Bio Chem Math and even all 4 subs. Imgaine the number of people the class don’t know infesting into our lovely comfort zone! ):


4 comments on “Infest”

  1. gosh!! MY results are coming out!!! N our teachers told us to go watch the previous batch when they get their results too la. sooooo MEAN rite. wish mi luck man!


  2. WOW, didn’t expect you to actually comment here. :p Hahhas.. Yea! All the best! Will go dwn tt day to catch up with you and the rest! ((: See ya!!

  3. damn, i like our class as it is. I dont want any additional fittings in our class! I hope the entire batch does real well so that we dont have any repeatees.
    is that too much to ask for?

  4. Su, chill man! Hahahas. I love our class too. I don’t want others to join!!! But honestly, I know it can’t be avoided. I mean being frm tt batch, I know tt 05 batch wasn’t tt academically gd. (given the leniency of promo criterion)

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