Singapore Dreaming

And so we finally had our learning journey this fateful Wednesday afternoon after a very upsetting lunch at Pizza hut. We have to hunt for the next closest outlet for pizza/pasta for the sake of better food and lower rate of ‘infestment’ by fellow green-uniform friends. The serving size is reducing so badly that if not for Su’s share of mushroom soup, I would certainly have passed out. By the way, the soup was so sadly diluted it doesn’t deserve the dish name ‘cream of mushroom’. Where the fuck is the cream? You mean very fluid liquid. Snorts.

On the other hand, Singapore Dreaming is pretty okay although some parts could have been less elaborated and screentime for certain elements like the bland funeral was way to loooooong. The plot is nice enough. Perhaps I’ve watched even more movies with dumb plots that I find this interesting enough. You should empathise the poor females in the show because they seem to be the ones getting most of the shit which questions the motive behind this movie. No offence but seriously, there are way more boring bollywood movies that sticks to one format: one rich another poor and one clown in the show. Conservative parents and couples singing and dancing. It isn’t about the musical-sort which these movies are presented but must it always be a couple? What happenend to the significance of families and friends?

The school has now changed the assembly grounds to the track. It’s cool for a change but standing there makes you feel really dumb especially so when I’m only on the track when I’m in running attire and all. Plus, the special events such as sports day wouldn’t be fresh with this overexposure to the track. Oh and the track has already been damaged by some idiots during the last Orientation, our current exploit of it’s purpose would only worsen its condition. ):

p.s. FUCK YOU ECONS TEST. Saturday please come and let me get rid of this helluva test. As if I care what the test outcome would be.


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