By: Dave

Mar 09 2007

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Not for Bio SPA but org chem test. Actually the orgasm would come from finally being done and over with thes test – definitely not that I’m going to ace it. For the record, I only started revising on Tuesday night. And this is when our beloved organic friend is roughly 1/3 of the damn syllabus. I told Ms Huang before leaving the Audi that I screwed the paper and it’s too tough a cookie for me. She just gave me the ‘this-is-A-level-standard’ comment. ): Sighs.

Bio SPA was worse. I just found out/reminded that SPA plays 20% of our As. I think I am about to kiss goodbye to grade A for Bio right now.

Anyway, there’s still Math fac test which is not too significant so I won’t be bothered too much by it. I shall declare my holiday once the bell rings tmr. ((:


2 comments on “Orgasmic”

  1. How can you not care about math fac test? Haha.. Anyway, thanks for your comment on my blog! =)

  2. It’s normal for david to care so much about math. I’m like born to suck in math. ): Anyway, you’re welcomed! And that was nth la. See you ard! All the best. (:

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