By: Dave

Mar 14 2007

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It’s been a while. First up, let me complain/rant about the finale of hanakimi. The ending was damn abrupt! There was no elaboration on the high jumps, no development on what happenend to Julia (which means lesser run time for the babe), no conclusion for the photographer and what he actually does and I don’t even know why he divorced the wife. The better part which everybody else is complaining is how they kept the secret from the rest. Not only did it provide an opening for a possible sequel (it better be the same cast then), it also created this bitterweet feel as the main casts share their little secret. If there’s a sequel please show some developments on the rival high jumper and why he’s so desperate to beat Quan. And of course, show his triumph in high jumps please. It would pacify all audience to see him emerge as an elite athlete.

And so now I’ve finally watched the series on Hanakimi (which is 2 weeks overdue due to the stupid tests which I had to catch up for thanks to some dumb operation) life becomes deadset boring once again. No Ella to ogle and no role-model-athlete-alike to imagine/daydream myself as. ): On the brighter side, I’ve finally got my ipod video at the IT show. I know it’s such a bad time to get one thanks to Microsoft’s Zune which has decided to arrive only on the later quarter of the year. And the damn Gigabeat S of Toshiba running on windows media centre will never reach our shores. Stupid people.


By the way, NTU-MOE econs seminar at NTU was damn boring we left at lunch hour. The only part that was relatively interesting was that on economics of happiness. Jurong Point was familiar later and I realised I went there with the relatives before but I didn’t know I was in Jurong then. :p

Got back Biology and Econs fac tests. Both papers were unexpected and I really didn’t expect to do relatively well enough for Bio, nor did I expect to score full for part A of econs essay and totally flung the part B. Mixture of feelings but who cares! The tests are ver and the hols are here. ((: But I still can’t train yet thanks to mum. She calims that if I run on the tracks now, my lung would collapse for the second time. I am not that weak okay. )): Although some part of me realy fear that would happen as I smother my wound and feel the loss of confidence over my own basic abilities – or you call function. Sighs.


3 comments on “Update”

  1. The muffin shot has nice lighting.

  2. (: My bro took it. I was still stuck int he hospital then. I was yelling at him when I found out he used my cam. Hahahas…


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