Rather boring.

Okay I am so damn bored. I wanted to do math and actually cancelled jn to see Hem model at National Library. Please don’t aske me why at NLB, who knows? But alas I was sleeping and tempting myself to watch Borat while flipping through blogs and digging in on junk food. Who cares, anyway I am becoming fat. YES. I’ve gained one kg today! In one day dammit. I miss running and I suppose by next Friday I would be up and jumping on the track again. ((: And mum won’t even know I started before the mc expires because I’ll be in sch and I’ll just say I went out with so and so. 😀

I don’t really fancy training now because I don’t even know the purpose. I just want to do it because it will all seem so familiar because it became such a routine. I don’t think the track team can pull through with what we have now but it doesn’t matter because I had quite a colourful experience thus far and I appreciate it. Just don’t screw around with me or the track, because I don’t care if you’ve been given some small-fry post you tried to make it sound big so don’t boss around, really.

Ahhh, I’m less bored now. Hahahas…


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