Bad start

Term 2 Day 1 is really bad. I hate life right now because there’s nothing other than assignments. And these assignments don’t really have deadline where once it’s over it’s over. These keep haunting you till they’re done although I shut down on their hauntings sooner or later but they’re still irritating. Econs lessons are a lot weirder now. Mrs Loh brought in papers with flow charts! So now her lessons are finally more than just the whiteboard and her marker. :p Though I didn’t understand much of the things she was saying then, at least I know Econs won’t be a dying subject for my As. (:

Anyway, I don’t understand much of Chem kinetics. I know there’s some order and graphs but heck. There’s still this damn thing called periodicity test. SNORTS. Ms Huang said there’re only 4 passes for Org chem test so I can pretty much proclaim my S or U grade for the test since I used 1+ days to prepare for this damn test. ): Thanks to skill A chem spa which was a fish then. Arrrgh. I’ll be more cheery the next time I post. I seem to be damn pms-ive these days. ):


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