Random. Sudden.

By: Dave

Mar 22 2007

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Mel and Huining added me in friendster. In a way, I felt really touched and a little mixed up because I know I should be happy because people remember me although we’re after all only one year of classmates and only actually hanged out together with the rest like midway of our PW then. But then I feel so scared of vulnerable friendships not because of speculation but level of familiarity and comfort as we take the test of time. When days used to be all joyful and hang-outs an everyday thing now slid away like water from clenched fists. ): In anycase I just want to thank the girls for all the great times then. Although I think I hang around with girls too often, even if I change this not-very-helpful-habit-to-my-ego you guys remain as an exception. (: Same goes to the s08 people. The 2006 class that is.

Brighter side. Su’s been convinced to go for prom. So that leaves us with Dinie and Tszeping. Wouldn’t it be perfect to get everyone to come down? I’ll try to psycho Tszeping and I’m sure I can do it cos I got distinction for Chinese Orals at A levels. A LEVELS. I thought it was the last from Os can. I can’t believe my cheena is so damn pro. :p

I screwed Math test. As expected. I seriously think I might graduate on a fling with math. ): Each time I spend thinking about this makes me frown unhappily. Oh can someone please go tell chemists to stop being bitches by abandoning anymore research because chemistry is so damn boring especially with double indicator. Why can’t everything just titrate at once? Why do they bother mixing up solutions to fomr some dumb mixture for us to double titrate? I don’t think I’ll titrate anything I drink in future – I will mix lemon and lime though. I’m making so much sense here like totally. Did I say I get more pms-ive with each entry in my last? Snorts.

Anyway SPE is now with dear g. barnabas and I swear she has terrible memory.

Ms B.: Who’s that guy in red shorts?

Random SPE mates: His name is David.

Ms B.: David, you’ve got nice lanky legs for running. Are you interested in joining track? You can join sprinting you know.

Me: Err, I AM in track. I AM in sprints actually.

Ms B.: Oh. I see. You are?!

Then I went on with the ‘I was hospitalised’ explanation.  -.-

Please don’t rain tmr. I really want to sprint. Anyway, I saw the new sprinters and none of them are strong enough to bring us to Nationals this year. Oh well.


5 comments on “Random. Sudden.”

  1. lol. you can try, but when i was sooooooooooo close to convincing her to go, some idiot gave a comment that made her decide against it. =/

    anyways, see, told you sam and i have ‘persuasiveness’. lol.

  2. Hmm.. You sound so emo man! Haha.. We can always go out together someday. =)
    Hmmm… When is prom? Theme? Hope the the prize redemptions won’t be as lousy as last year’s prom..

  3. To yun:
    hats off to you two then. Hahahas.. I keep forgetting to convince Tsze Ping la!

    To Huining:
    YAY! Let’s go out some day k! Really miss you guys heaps. (:
    The prom I think 4th dec or 3rd dec? We don’t know the theme yet. I hope I win smth la. Maybe they’ll give me tics to Europe or smth. HAHAHAHS. Actually I would rather get a contract with a co. like HIM international music or some GTV/TVB or smth. Then I can just be a himbo and sing/drama my life away. Awww… 😀

  4. LOL! You think our school that rich meh? Tickets to Europe or something.. Haha.. In your dreams maybe.. Haha.. GTV/TVB? Sounds damn familiar leh.. U want to meet Ella rite?

  5. yea. Hahahahs. No la I don’t mind being a celeb. Then it’s like immediate friends of Ella and Tank and Fahrenheit and all those people in the limelight la. Higher level of understanding than just a fan ma. Awww…
    I shld just continue day dreaming. Heh. (:

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