Pretty boring

By: Dave

Mar 27 2007

Category: Uncategorized


There’s nothing to update other than the fact that I’ve returned to track finally. (: But I skipped some reps during trg because 10 times of 150m is just nonsense. Especially with J1 girls with stamina like a horse tailing you and you’ll just have to keep up the lead to maintain this inflated ego. It really looks stupid to be sprinting behind a girl.

I subpassed math test. I passed organic chem fac test! OMFG. And I thought the 4 passes wouldn’t include me. I’m way blessed man. (:

I’m downloading KO one (the name’s really dumb and I hope after watching the show I won’t laugh at myself) and it’s like 21% after 1+ day. Bittorrent is like wayyyyyy slow. I think the Taiwanese from which I’m downloading the series probably limits their uploading bandwidth to like 1kb/s or something la. I should be able to watch the series in less than 10 days time. My life would be more meaningful after that I tell you. Ok I feel damn mustika right now. rofl.


2 comments on “Pretty boring”

  1. Yay! Put KO One in your vid yeah! so i can watch too!!! haha…

  2. If I ever put in my ipod la. I wld really rather watch on the com leh. :p
    Or I burn in dvd then lend you can. Hahahahas. Cos I really damn lazy to convert. I heard lousy reviews for it saying hanakimi is way better. Damn. Shall wait for KO family to be out. I hope its after As cos at the rate I’m watching shows, I’m gg to just die in sch frm lagging behind. ):

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