Screwed up

By: Dave

Mar 31 2007

Category: Uncategorized


Track and field.

I have some complications with it and I can’t really be bothered. I’ve done Nationals and it is quite over for me if not for the sake of attendance for the SGC. Fucking lame holes.


2 comments on “Screwed up”

  1. hmm when the going gets tough, what do u do?
    ans: find someone to blame.. hehe thats how winning is done…

    haha just kidding anyway wth u watch KO!!! that show is gay and how i know ah?
    coz i watch too but doesnt mean me gay. i dun see the link.

    anyway… either train hard or focus all ur energy into studies do well and yes really well. fly. we all are genius its just that in tpjc the teachers make us feel so stupid.

    so yea screw it and just study hard.. dizay gone dunno yea screw it.. focus focus focus…

  2. eheh! Yea, I can’t really be bothered with the track now also. Trying to get a clean sweep for Sports day and try for that male champion trophy since all the asses can’t run this year. They can take that 400m for all I care hahahas.. I do miss dizay’s trg I know damn gay and weird but his training is like way more effective.

    KO damn gay? serious? Aiya fook it la, I’m donwloading charmed too. That is like way more gay but I think dwelling in fantasy and things outside the real world is like the only escape for me.

    Yea, hopefully I do damn well or smth. Was damn surprised when Andrew said I can do better than him cos seriously you guys are way smarter than me. I’m not being sarcastic k!

    Maybe we should meet up someday cos I miss the old track team even though half the time you’re calling me sissy. HAHAHAS..
    till then. (:

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